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Research On The Construction Of Good Faith Based On Network Social Governance

Posted on:2021-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330611489229Subject:Social management
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In the new era of the 21st century,the Internet has become an inseparable part of our real life.With the continuous innovation of network technology,the network has gradually changed from a technology platform to space for people to produce and live.While accelerating social progress,the development of the network has also brought many network social problems.Among the network social problems in China,the problem of network integrity is particularly prominent.Network integrity further refracts real-world problems to the network society in a virtualized and distanced manner,and network violations and crimes caused by network dishonesty are endless.Therefore,the issue of building credibility in the network society has become an important issue before us.Based on the perspective of network social governance,this article further analyzes the current status,existing problems,and causes of network integrity construction in China,as well as the distinctive characteristics and uniqueness of China's network society based on discussing the relationship between network social governance and network integrity construction.Regularly,starting from the urgent needs and goals of promoting the modernization of network social governance in China,we try to improve the laws and regulations of network integrity governance,promote the construction of network integrity assessment mechanisms,improve the level of network technology,and comprehensively optimize the network integrity monitoring environment The five aspects of the network society's honesty education,such as honesty education,put forward ways to solve the problem of network honesty construction in China and strive to play a certain role in achieving the goal of China's network social governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:network society, network integrity, govern
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