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The Government Credibility Research In The Network Society

Posted on:2011-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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To these days,internet's development has penetrated into all aspects of people's lives. People's social lifestyle has changed a lot because of the internet,and the new society in this case is the network society. The public and the Government's trust relationship in the real society has a new experience in the network society, because the network is better than the real world's public opinions'channel to get the new demands of the public. Through public opinion expressions in the internet, forming a network, the public interest events are upgraded to social events from the network hotspots events.In the network society background, the Government's credibility in network hotspots events showed its insufficience, and aroused widespread concern in the community. The purpose of the writing is based on the network of society background, with related theoretical network sociology to study Government credibility's problem. The main finding is lacking of credibility for the Government, and on the roof of the analysis of reasons,the text will rebuild the Government's credibility in the context of the network society.This article first made studies of the problem, and summarized and analyzed many perspectives. The view of this article is, whether from the perspective of political science of government management theory, or sociology, economics, etc. trust theory and systems theory, has its own unique ideas, however, this does not mean that the above these theoretical cover Government Credibility's loss occurs, and it does not mean that the reshaping of Government Credibility is limited to the above terms. In General, despite the research about the Government's credibility has achieved encouraging results, but also has its limitations, mainly reflected in: first, although the Government attaches great importance to the credibility and integrity of Government credit, the Government, the relationship between subject and object, but from the special character of the research; the second is from the perspective of the Government Administration, and research of interaction with the public; the third is the Government's credibility to the credibility of the Government, no in-depth grasp of the Government's credibility and the background of the relationship; although some times based on the network, the civil society so that a discussion of the era, but the network of public opinion expression and public trust in government research on combination of smart and ill-considered. However, different researchers reached a consensus that they are of the view that the Government in the role of credibility should not be overlooked, also made a lot of research findings on the credibility of the Government not only dependent on the trust of the area, and the subordinate to sociology, political science, public administration, research areas, from these different academic disciplines in mining a rich theory resources, for the credibility of both in theory or practice has a significant meaning. This perspective is based on the background in the network society, different from politics, administration, and other points of view, the introduction of network of sociology, in line with this article on the topic.This article with the sociological study of macro-and micro-perspective, focuses on network society research and network society which are concerned about the network group in society and culture of mental cognition. That means focusing on the particularities of the network society,with a network of related theoretical sociology and public sentiment from the network, trying to make micro-level network of public and government relations issues out. I consider building a network society of public trust in Government.In the next research, this article focuses on the network society Government credibility of interest and the current situation, based on public trust in Government in the network and remodeling it. The discussion on the following points: first of all, the Internet Society of public trust in Government is the participation of Internet users, is political practice; network society's own structural factors, itself implied risk and social critique scientists said human consciousness goes, led the network play "magnifying glass", to the objective fact of exaggerated or distorted; Secondly, on this special background, influence Government discussed the credibility of the micro-level factors, that is the Government's credibility of subject and object—public (Internet) and the Government, this analysis is based on a real world case study. Public cognitive biases affect the public and the Government's own functions, behaviours and the lack of interaction with users, and so a network hotspots event was reflected in the credibility of the Government. Finally, this article introduces a social control theory to analyze network social order problem, because the Government is also the issue of credibility is a social order in the construction of one of the problems arising, must be in the broader context of seeking their remodeling way down. At the same time the social reality in conjunction with network, this article on the Government's public remodeling in policy.This article will be a combination of macro-and micro-economic studies, mainly from the network society, Government and public perspectives on the Government's credibility. I'll try and fight for the credibility of the Government to seek innovative points. Throughout the course of study, conventional research results presented on Government credibility remodeling path harmonious network society, fostering new service administration, digestion public expectation deviation, etc. Of course, apart from the above view, improving government functions, strengthening the Government's legal system both are good solutions. This article in the analysis of the causes and solutions introduces the latest case, but it is a pity that I cannot quantify the Government credibility of research with the quantitative analysis method because of the writer's knowledge level's restriction.
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