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Kurdish Issue:under The Theory Of Cross-border Ethnicity

Posted on:2019-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330611493596Subject:International relations
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The construction of modern nation-states has to go through a complicated process,among which the most important link is the recognition of historical memory and common civilization.Unfortunately,most of the peoples lacked such a link,especially when the western colonists ended their colonial rule.Under such circumstance,the peoples of the land felt a sense of loss.In fact,this is the main reason of the cross-border ethnic problems--the conflict between endogenous modernization countries and exogenous modernization countries,which embodied in the internal characteristics,the collision of western civilization,interaction and fusion.There are a large number of cross-border ethnic groups in the world,and each cross-border ethnic group has its own feature,which is a huge systematic project for researchers.As a typical case study,this article selects the Kurdish problem,this problem as a cross-border ethnic problems,from the point of contemporary national pattern,the Kurdish problem is a typical large national(passive)cross-border problems,because of its special geographical location and evolution of complex international politics,it is also one of the most complex international ethnic issue has gradually become violent,complicated,cross-border,international and long-term.In the view of around the world nationalism problem solve the problem of good experience and the track of evolution of the development and achievements,the key to solve the Kurdish problem is to eliminate ethnic discrimination,away from big nationalism,to achieve ethnic equality,follow the principles of democracy,equality,independence,peace,mutual benefit,balance.Only to respect the Kurdish ethnic features and rights,and give the Kurds independently administer their own affairs to equal participation in state affairs management,equal sharing of resources and the achievements of national rights,and to make the Kurdish problem bel solved well,the fate of the Kurds to achieve historic change.At present,there are abundant research achievements on the Kurdish issue in China,but there are still some gaps in the research work from the perspective of cross-border ethnic groups,this article will put the Kurdish problem in a more comprehensive global field of vision to study,advance helpful to the Kurdish problem,also prospects for the study of Kurdish nationalism and offer reference for solving global cross-border ethnic problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cross-border ethnic, Kurdish issue, Policy towards nationalities
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