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Study On The Construction Of Efficiency Monitoring Sites In Optimizing Business Environment In Yongjia County

Posted on:2020-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H X NiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330620955372Subject:Public Administration
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In recent years,Yongjia County Government attaches great importance to the improvement of business environment.The efficiency monitoring site of business environment is an important measure launched by Yongjia County to optimize business environment.This paper focuses on efficiency monitoring sites of business environment in Yongjia County.By means of interview and questionnaire,we find out the influencing factors that affect the operation of efficiency monitoring sites,and then discuss the countermeasures to optimize efficiency monitoring sites of business environment,so as to provide basis and reference for improving the business environment of Yongjia County.In order to optimize business environment,Yongjia County has established efficiency monitoring sites,which have strengthened the efficiency supervision,and enhanced the service efficiency of government agencies.However,there is room for further improvement in the construction of efficiency monitoring sites.Our study also found that following factors affect the operation of efficiency monitoring sites of business environment: firstly,it comes from the aspect of enterprise efficiency monitoring liaisons.The operation of monitoring sites will be affected by liaisons' understanding of the efficiency monitoring policy and their importance attached to the efficiency monitoring work,their cognition of whether monitoring sites can improve the business environment of Yongjia County and the vital interests of enterprises,as well as the post responsibility of the efficiency monitoring liaisons.Secondly,it comes from the aspect of the operation of business environmental efficiency monitoring sites itself.The operation of efficiency monitoring sites is aslo affected by the work interaction mode of supervisor and subordinate efficiency monitoring liaisons,the feedback channel of business environmental information,and the solution degree of feedback problems.The countermeasures to optimize efficiency monitoring sites of business environment in Yongjia County are as follows: firstly,we can enhance the position awareness of efficiency monitoring liaisons,strengthen the publicity of business environmental policies,and establish a mechanism to enhance the post responsibility awareness of efficiency monitoring liaisons;secondly,we can strengthen the work linkage by establishing linkage mechanisms and innovating linkage carrier;Thirdly,we can innovate feedback channels of monitoring results,such as optimizing daily information feedback modes and innovating sensitive information feedback channels;Fourthly,we can attach more importance to the feedback information by strengthening department interaction and making communication attitude more friendly;Fifthly,we can strengthen the application of efficiency monitoring results,such as in department performance appraisal,middle-level department supervision,cadre appointment and selection,and the supervision and examination.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yongjia County, Business Environment, Efficiency Monitoring Sites
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