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DEMATEL-based Evaluation Method Of Reserve Officers' Selection And Suggestions

Posted on:2018-10-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Reserve forces is an important way of enhancing the back-up strength and the reserve of talents,supporting the augment of army at war and maintaining sustainable combat effectiveness.At the same time,however,in order to improve the combat effectiveness of the reserve forces,officers in reserve forces play an especially important role.It needs to activate the leaders' enthusiasm completely,make them more dedicated to the job,improve their competency to be a leader and enhance the leaders troop construction.By this way,the reserve force can meet the demands of future wars.The key is how to properly select leaders in reserve forces.This paper uses the competency as a basis and the DEMATEL method is introduced to solve the above problem.Based on a large number of related literatures and questionnaire,competency models are built for different kinds of officers in reserve forces.Based on them,quantitative and qualitative criteria are obtained for selecting officers in reserve forces.In the end,some effective suggestions are proposed.The detailed work of this paper include:1)A framework of selecting officers in reserve forces are built by using the DEMATEL method.2)By using existing headquarters documents and questionnaire,the factor set of selecting officers in reserve forces is determined based on competency models.Firstly,the first-class indexes of evaluating officers in reserve forces is built.Then,the first-class indexes are further refined and the corresponding second-class indexes are built.In the end,weights of all different indexes are determined by the method of weight factor judgment table.3)By using the DEMATEL method,the first-class and second-class indexes of selecting officers in reserve forces are evaluated and analyzed,respectively.The results provide quantitative and qualitative criteria are obtained for selecting officers in reserve forces.4)The validity of the method proposed in this paper is verified by the specific case of selecting a military officer.5)Based on the above results,some effective suggestions of constructing the reserve force are proposed for improving the party organization construction of reserve-duty unit,regulating the process of promotion,enhancing the education management,improving the training and supervision,enhancing their ideological and political education and laws and regulations construction,improving their own ability,respectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Officers in reserve forces, DEMATEL method, Competency, Evaluation factors weight, Suggestions
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