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The Research On Construction Of The Multi-action System For "Delegate Power,Streamline Administration And Optimize Government Service" Reform In Jiangsu

Posted on:2020-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330626453477Subject:Administrative Management
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As the latest stage of the exploration of administrative system reform,the reform to delegate power streamline administration and optimize government service faces the overall background of social transformation and governance model change.From the government self-construction to the promotion of the national governance system and the modernization of governance capabilities,it has begun to break through the limitations of technical reforms and will begin the exploration of institutional reforms.Taking the transformation of government functions as the core,rationalizing intergovernmental relations and departmental relations,and adjusting the relationship between the government and the market,and between the government and the society,has become the main goal of the reform to delegate power streamline administration and optimize government service.As one of the earliest provinces of Jiangsu to explore its reform,based on “The central proposed-Local implementation” reform path,faced with the reform strategy deployment set by the central government,how to implement it as a concrete action and promote multi-subject cooperative action.Based on practical observation and theoretical reflection,the construction of the action system is the starting point and the foothold of these reform research.Using the perspective of activism,in order to present the administrative development process towards cooperative governance,we will sort out the process of the focus and connotation administrative reform change,and use the principles contained in theoretical analysis,historical analysis and comparative analysis to explain its internal logic of change.From the dimension of the central-local governments relationship change,the analysis framework of “single action-complex action-multiple action” is extracted.According to the inter-governmental relationship of “functions responsibility and isomorphism”,using the analytical framework to explain the action process of the reform in Jiangsu Province.It clarifies the specific analysis of the actors' role orientation,role classification,action characteristics and reform practices.Through reform practice,it is found that the dual structure of public administration puts the government at the core of action,and the“ social standard” principle in the action system is insufficient,resulting in these reform action system exposing the convergence of adaptive policies and adaptive reforms not being strong,the internal game of the government,and the inefficiency of cooperation governance reflect that the reform action system is still in the process of continuous improvement.With the advent of the era of activism,targeting multiple actions,we will combine action autonomy and social autonomy.Based on the principle of “social standard”,structuring a cooperative action system in the construction of service-oriented government,and exploring the governance model of multi-subject cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative reform, Service-oriented government, Action system, Reforms to delegate power streamline administration and optimize government service
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