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Exploring The Factors Affecting The Implementation Of The Reform To Streamline Administration,Delegate Power,Strengthen Regulation And Improve Services At The Local Government Level

Posted on:2020-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J S ZouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330575958085Subject:Administrative Management
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After the 19th National Congress,the reform of streamlining administration,delegating power,strengthening regulation and improving services entered the deepening stage,meanwhile the goal and realization path of this reform gradually became clear.The reform aims to promote the profound transformation of government functions and make the market play a decisive role in resource allocation.This is a government self-revolution that reshapes the relationship between the government and the market,and it is also the Key initiatives of economic transformation and social development in recent years.In 2013,the central government first proposed the policy goal of "simplified administration,decentralization,and integration".In 2015,the optimization service was included,and a three-pronged and comprehensive promotion pattern of the reform was born and officially promoted.At the same time,the reform as government's innovation and revolution in the management of economic and social methods will be far-reaching,effectively driving reforms in the fields of price,fiscal and tax,finance,and social undertakings,and promoting comprehensive and deepening revolution.As an important starting point for the transformation of government functions,the reform is not only an important part of comprehensively deepening reforms and improving the capacity of government governance,but also should be placed in the macro-backgrounds.of national governance modernization to discuss and explore.At present,the domestic research on the reform mainly focuses on the phenomenon and practice research and the deeper decision-making and implementation research on the reform is less involved.Lack of attention from academic and theoretical perspectives,the experience of the reform is relatively fragmented and cannot form a complete logical system.The reform not only changes the traditional administrative management system,but also removes the rent-seeking income related to the exercise of government power,which will inevitably have a serious impact on the existing interests within the government.How is the government implemented for such an internal self-revolution?Why can it get a positive response from the local government and achieve good results?This is a question worth exploring and thinking deeply.This article intends to take the implementation of the reform policy in Nanjing as a case from the perspective of policy implementation,and explore the factors affecting its implementation,his paper attempts to explore the implementation process of the reform in Nanjing based on a certain interpretation and analysis framework,and to explore the factors affecting its implementation to reveal the reasons for the smooth progress in Nanjing.In the meantime,based on the background of the modernization of state governance and the transformation of government functions,a brief analysis of the future direction of the reform is expected,which hopes to provide useful enlightenment to the theoretical interpretation and even the transformation of government functions.Therefore,this paper takes the reform of "streamline administration,delegate power,strengthen regulation and improve services"as the research theme,and takes the specific implementation process of the reform in Nanjing as the research case,and studies the affecting factors from the perspective of policy implementation.The focus of this paper is not to list all the factors affecting the implementation of the reform,but to provide a way to study the implementation process and problems.This paper constructs the policy implementation analysis framework from the three perspectives of policy characteristics,executive body and organizational hierarchy,and studies the specific implementation of the reform in Nanjing,and analyzes its influencing factors.On the one hand,the research based on the implementation of the reform can make a better test of the policy implementation theory;on the other hand,it provides the theoretical basis and analytical framework for the reform,and expects to provide certain ideas for reference for the reform and transformation of government functions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative Reforms, Transformation of Government Functions, Reforms to Streamline Administration,Delegate Power,Strengthen Regulation and Improve Services, Policy Implementation
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