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Study On The Legal Regulaiton On The Abuse Of Market Dominant Position In Internet Platform

Posted on:2021-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H W LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330626961207Subject:Law and law
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China's Internet application platform business model has been popularized,a number of Internet companies announced that they began to enter the era of platform strategy,and the competition between platforms tends to become white-hot.Internet platform enterprises have market characteristics such as "network effect" and "attention economy",and their "dynamic competitive monopoly structure" shows competitiveness and instability.Compared with traditional enterprises,Internet platform enterprises are facing the multilateral market.Compared with traditional multilateral markets,Internet companies have broken away from the physical constraints.Under the unique profit model of the platform,enterprises pursue users' attention,which makes the competition between platforms in different business fields possible,so the regulation becomes more complex.This paper expounds the purpose and method of defining the relevant market of traditional industry,and introduces the challenges faced by Internet platform enterprises when defining the relevant market with the case of "qihoo 360 v.tencent",and then puts forward a new idea of defining the relevant market.To explain the concept of market dominance,the challenge to the traditional market dominance mainly comes from the weakening of the market share presumption method and the emerging market entry barrier.This paper analyzes the illegality of the abuse of dominant market position by Internet platform enterprises,makes a concrete analysis of the different forms of expression based on the current disputes and cases,and puts forward some Suggestions such as strengthening the supervision and self-discipline of the industry and attaching importance to the operator commitment system.Starting from the current situation of China's legislation on the abuse of dominant market position,this paper restates the legislative goal,and clarifies the value orientation based on the current social development and economic situation.In view of the challenges and existing problems in legal regulation,it is suggested to select the reasonable principle as the legislative principle and further improve the relevant legislation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet platform, Abuse of market dominant position, Relevant market, Legal regulation
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