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Research On The Construction Of University Basketball League Of Lanzhou

Posted on:2019-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In 2016,the Ministry of Education promulgated the Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening School Physical Education to Promote the Comprehensive Development of Students' Physical and Mental Health,and proposed to perfect and regulate the student sports competition system and build a scientific and rational competition system.Gansu Province is located in a poverty-stricken area in the northwest,and its economic,social and cultural development lags behind.College basketball leagues have not yet been formed among colleges and universities,which has affected the development of college basketball league games in Gansu Province to some extent.In order to implement the national policy and solve the difficulties of college basketball in Lanzhou City,this paper takes Lanzhou college basketball league as the research object,focusing on the necessity,feasibility,league model construction,operation mechanism and future development of league construction.The research was conducted in order to provide a theoretical basis for the establishment of Lanzhou City Basketball League and provide a reference for further promoting the practice of the basketball league.This article uses the literature data method,the interview method,the logic analysis method,carries on the analysis to the Lanzhou city college basketball league construction,the result shows:(1)The league is a lever for the development of basketball on campus,and it is also an important measure for the integration of sports and education.There are currently 25 colleges and universities in Lanzhou,and there is a lack of normalized competitive,exchange,and display platforms among the intercollegiate basketball teams.It is imperative to build a regional college league and promote the development of campus basketball.At present,Lanzhou City,colleges and universities in various sports organizations,site hardware facilities are better,the basis and development of basketball sports is better,in terms of policy support and people,talent,and material are able to meet the needs of school-level league construction.(2)The organization and management of the league is under the responsibility of the Lanzhou University Basketball Association,which is affiliated with the Department of Sports Health and Educational Arts of the Department of Education of Gansu Province.It adopts a horizontally integrated structure and establishes a governance model that focuses on the development of the league and takes the alliance as the core.The rewards and penalties system regulated the league's behavior and promoted the rapid development of campus basketball league matches in Lanzhou.(3)The competition system is the basic organizational form that guarantees the orderly implementation of sports events.Lanzhou college basketball leagues adopt a grouping system,and the professional groups,the undergraduate group and the higher vocational group compete in different competition systems.The professional team adopts a 2-1 home and away game system,and the league ranks are determined according to the outcomes.The undergraduate and higher vocational colleges adopt a home-and-away system,which is in accordance with the promotion mode for group matches,promotion matches,semi-finals and finals.The group match adopts a single-round race system.The top 4 teams in each group enter the promotion match.The qualifying match adopts the cross elimination system.The home and away games are used in the semi-finals,semi-finals and finals.(4)Lanzhou City College Basketball League takes “combination of physical education and education” as the guide,builds a scientific and reasonable evaluation mechanism,and fully analyzes the five elements of the league,giving full play to the guiding function,feedback function,and incentive function of evaluation to promote the steady development of the league.To ensure the smooth progress of the league.(5)Lanzhou University College Basketball League upholds the concept of combining sports and education.It aims to promote the exchange of sports culture among colleges and universities,promote the sports spirit,and cultivate basketball reserve talents.The goal is to form campus tournaments with regional characteristics and gradually connect with domestic brands such as CUBA.The competition serves the continuous development of regional basketball.(6)Due to the limitation of individual level,there are still many deficiencies in the construction of college basketball leagues in Lanzhou City.It is suggested that relevant scholars continue to deepen their research,and at the same time,it is recommended that relevant functional departments refer to research results and actively promote and implement Lanzhou City College Basketball League.To promote the development of college campus basketball in Lanzhou City.
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