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A Comparative Analysis Of The Competitive Balance Of The Chinese And American Men's Professional Basketball Leagues

Posted on:2019-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330545956963Subject:Sports teaching
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With the accelerating pace of the construction of sports powers,the development of professional sports has received extensive attention from the whole society.The competitive balance is not only the core task of professional sports administration,but also the fundamental guarantee for its healthy and sustainable development.However,judging from the research status quo of the competitive balance of professional sports,the previous studies mainly selected a single evaluation perspective and used a single competitive balance index to do a quantitative analysis,so the limitations of these make the research process lack a certain degree of systematicness and comprehensiveness.Consequently,based on the in-depth reflection of the relevant research results of competitive balance at home and abroad,and the characteristics of the professional basketball league,this study chooses to use a combination of static and dynamic evaluation perspectives and use a variety of competitive balance indexes to quantify the status of competitive balance in the league.Then do a comprehensive and systematic study of the competitive balance of the professional basketball league based on this combination of quantitative description and qualitative analysis.Specifically,it uses the Hearst index,the Gini coefficient and the performance gap index from a static and dynamic perspective respectively to do a specific quantitative and comparative analysis for the overall competitive balance between the Chinese and American men's basketball professional leagues in the 2008-2017 season and the competitive balance between home and away games as well as the differences in the competitive power of different club teams within the league.At the same time,with the support of the literatures and expert interview,the human balance system and the financial balance system are compared to find their differences for improving the competitive balance in the basketball league,and then on the basis of the research,the real reasons for the competitive imbalance of the China Men's Basketball Professional League were pondered to provide a certain theoretical basis for the further development of our professional basketball league.Through this research,the author found that,from both the dynamic and static perspective,the Chinese men's basketball professional league is in high competitive imbalance when compared to United States men's basketball professional league in the competition seasons from 2008 to 2017.Meanwhile,compared to the United States men's basketball professional league,equilibrium level is in comparison both from a static and dynamic evaluation point of view High imbalances;at the same time,the system of checks and balances implemented to improve the level of competitive balance in the league also found that the slackness of human balance system as well as the long-term absence of financial checks and balances have caused the Chinese men's basketball professional league to lose their competitive balance.In this case,it was found that the lack of competitive ability for college students and the improper attribution of personnel relations for professional athletes caused the poor performance of the system of human checks and balances in the league.However,the unreasonable distribution of benefits and the absence of a financial supervision system led to the Long-term absence a system of checks and balances in the league.Finally,some related suggestions are advocated that the basketball association and the clubs jointly established basketball colleges,sports systems and education systems to organize basketball leagues and accelerate the establishment of league financial supervision system,so that the level of competitive balance could be enhanced and then the China Men's Basketball Professional League would be further developed.
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