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Professional Sports Leagues And Their Related Legal Research

Posted on:2005-12-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360125967196Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Professional Sports Leagues is attributed to trade union with special organization structure that had close relationship with the miracle development of professional sports allover the world. Professional Sports Leagues is different with commen corporation leagues. Western country, especially of American, makes succeed from have strongly Leagues. China Football Association Super League will start their tournament in 2004. The character, organization principle, legal environment of Leagues were discussed with the theorys of organization, public choice, civil law, economic analysys law by methods of literrature, expert discussion and logic analysis. The conclusions are following:Professional Sports Leagues are the organizations with the power of self-rule in which sports clubs produce sports games. A firm can supply their product but a sports club can't match with oneself. Leagues are composed of 5 elements such as aim, participant, technique, structure and exterior environment. Leagues structure can be discussed in three aspects that are power, rule and industry structure. Leagues performance can be evaluated by the index of spectator number, gate price, brosdcast income, club value, club income and expenses.It seemed that the Leagues' market advantage through cooperation of league clubs that compete with one another had injury consumer and violate antitrust law. Leagues all restracted by antitrust law but MLB. The relationship of club owners and labors are tangled for many years that not only tussled with salary but also drag in antitrust charge. Leagues' broadcasting contracts are idvided into nationally and locally. The national TV contract incomes were shared all over the League. Leagues were exempted from antitrust law when collect sale broadcast right through the 1961 sports broadcast law. The Collective Bargaining Agreement is an important contract in Leagues.Although China Super League organization attributed to trade union and make profit through management, it's different with Professional Sports Leagues in organization aim, structure, participant, power and self-management. Organization aims are promote development of sports in China and the participants are civil servant. Organization leader power is come from administration authorization, but club authorization. China sports event associations were constructed by the government by which can't represent their member's profit and the employees of association were also civil servant. The sports event administrat center of China sports bureau may violate antitrust law when they control super league match. Super League organization is attributed to caste and should abide by association law. Leagues autonomy si a foundmental power. Sports government office should abide by administrative law and breed and suspense leagues through initiative exit from some field, maintain leagues' independent status, authorize some administration power to leagues, give finance assist and offer relief approach.
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