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Research On Employability And Service Quality In Higher Education For Tourism Graduates' Satisfaction Model

Posted on:2019-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330545984357Subject:Curriculum and teaching theory
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With the gradual deepening of the process of China's higher education,colleges and universities continue to expand enrollment,how to ensure the quality of higher education in the future has become an important problem to be solved,the National Department of Education has been paying attention to this issue since the beginning of the 21st century.Research on the improvement of educational quality in the field of higher education has gradually begun to focus on the status of students,introduced the concept of customer satisfaction,researched on the satisfaction index of higher education students,conducted an in-depth understanding of the quality of higher education services,and promoted research and evaluation of student satisfaction to become An important tool for improving service quality in higher education.In the era of the tourism industry contributing to the development of the global economy,there is still the problem that the employment rate of tourism management professionals is lower than the national level.The contradiction between the difficulty of employment of tourism talents and the increase in market demand is in urgent need of tourism management professional education to improve the quality of education and cultivate High-quality talents adapted to the needs of the industry.Face with requirements on how to improve the quality of tourism education services and how to improve the employment needs of tourism management students.Based on the review of literature of employability,Service quality in higher education,student satisfaction and student loyalty,combines the characteristics of China's tourism management professional education with graduates from tourism management as research subjects,employability and service quality in tourism education as arguments,student loyalty as dependent variables,student satisfaction as intermediary variables established an analytical framework for the satisfaction of tourism higher education graduates.Using the domestic and foreign mature scale and combining the characteristics of tourism education,through expert interviews,a high reliability and validity survey questionnaire is formed.The SPSS 22.0 was used for empirical analysis of the data collected.Factor analysis,variance analysis,correlation analysis,and multiple linear regression analysis were used to deeply analyze the relationship between employability,service quality in tourism education,and student satisfaction and loyalty.Main conclusions are as follows:1.Building a more scientific evaluation questionnaire of service quality in tourism education.Through the empirical data analysis and determination of the five dimensions of tourism education quality perception,including curriculum setting,teaching quality perception,service facilities,extracurricular activities,and individual care,a total of 21 indicators.2.Revealing the relationship between employability,service quality in tourism education,and student satisfaction and loyalty.Empirical analysis proves that increasing the employability of graduates will directly promote the improvement of their satisfaction and positively affect the loyalty of graduates through the mediating role of satisfaction,while the higher level of service quality in tourism education will not directly affect the loyalty of graduates,but through the mediation of satisfaction.3.Proposing suggestions for improving the service quality of tourism education and emphasizing the cultivation of students' employability.Tourism colleges need to pay attention to students' concerns from all aspects of the education process,consciously develop students' ability to adapt to industry needs,frequently ask and collect student suggestions on education quality,attach importance to student satisfaction,and promote the service quality of tourism education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Employability, Service Quality in Tourism Education, Student Satisfaction, Student loyalty
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