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A Study On Higher Education Service Quality And Student Satisfaction

Posted on:2008-02-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360242479612Subject:Higher Education
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The question of Higher Education quality have become the focus of every side since Chinese Higher Education enlarged enrollment in 1998. But no matter what the government's evaluation or the argues among the academe, officers and civilians, most of them according to the"Product Quality View"at the age of the industry economy, that the quality of Higher Education focus on input and output, but not the process of the Higher Education service. The ignoring of the process can result in the lack of the students'principal part position. So guiding by the"Service Quality View", allowing the students to become the main body of the evaluation of Higher Education service quality, can help correct the value orient deviation of Higher Education that has been formed since a long time; and supervising the Higher Education service quality through the Student Satisfaction Survey, can let Higher Education face the challenges of the massification, marketization and internationalization more easily.Based on enlarging the categories of the Higher Education Quality conception, the dissertation combines the theoretic and empirical methods to discuss the Higher Education service quality evaluation and takes the six public, private Advanced Vocational Colleges'Student Satisfaction Survey in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou in Fujian Province as the cases. This has an important meaning to the methodology of the Higher Education quality research. To the theoretic research, the dissertation considers that the basic output of the Higher Education is the Higher Education service; students are the core stakeholders of Higher Education; the service process must be paid attention in the evaluation of Higher Education quality; we can use the modified SERVQUAL instrument to measure the service quality and student satisfaction. For the important effect of the Student Satisfaction Index in supervising the Higher Education service quality and even in macro-economy, the dissertation builds the Student Satisfaction Index measuring system and model. To empirical analysis, the research indicates that the students of the Advanced Vocational Colleges are dissatisfaction to the service quality at large; demographic characteristics such as gender, family earning per year, the habitation before the college entrance examination have significant effect to the student satisfaction; and there are significant differences between the public and private Advanced Vocational Colleges too. It's much more important that there is a strong relationship among the service quality, student satisfaction and behavioral intentions of Advanced Vocational Colleges'students.Based on the conclusions, the dissertation considers that it is urgency to improve the student satisfaction. Turning the government functions into service, building the Institutional Research organizational system, and making the student affairs specialization are the realistic strategies to improve service quality and increase the colleges competing power.
Keywords/Search Tags:stakeholder, service quality, student satisfaction
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