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Study On The Strategies Of Improving Students' Ability To Solve Mathematical Problems

Posted on:2019-11-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Problem solving is not only the students master the basic knowledge of mathematics and important way to improve the basic skills,but also is the basic form of testing knowledge and theory into practice.So in the 1980 s,mathematics problem solving is mathematics education as the core research questions,our country's mathematics education workers are very pay attention to research and improve the students' ability to solve problems.In this paper,the mathematical problem-solving process is divided into four steps,namely,understanding the problem,formulating the plan,implementing the plan,and reviewing the reflection.Based on these four steps,the questionnaire survey was conducted to summarize the current situation of the students in the classroom observation during the interview.The obstacles or problems of the students in each step of the problem are as follows: the understanding and deficiency disorders that appear in the examination stage;In the analysis stage,there are serious obstacles and strategic obstacles.In the implementation stage,the problems such as the operational obstacle,the problem of organization and the reflection stage are the problems of the weak reflection consciousness,the insufficient reflection,the unreasonable use of wrong problems and so on.The main factors of forming these obstacles or problems are: one is the students' non-intelligence factors embodied in the students' interest in learning mathematics,motivation,emotion and so on,the second is factors of mathematics knowledge in mathematics knowledge to master degree and familiarity with the method of mathematical thinking: three is the mind-set of negative influence,cause the negative transfer of knowledge,thinking,flexible ability is poor;In mathematics learning,teachers' teaching and students' learning are complementary,and five is the factor of teachers' teaching,which is mainly reflected in teachers' habit of speaking and teachers' requirements for students.To effectively overcome these obstacles or problems,it is necessary for teachers and students to work together to improve their ability to solve math problems.Teachers should change the old teaching way,in the aspect of improving the capacity of the topic to train students' ability in language transformation,to the students to read,to find,think of three,four clean-ups,five of scientific methods of the topic,and trains the student to read it twice and skillfully use the topic of the topic method used.In the aspect of improving the network capability of solving the problem,it is necessary to eliminate the thinking set by optimizing the students' knowledge reserve and analysis.Strengthening variant training,and in turn to realize the essence of knowledge transaction attribute,eliminate mind-set,by transferring thinking to strengthen the application of the mind-set,teach students the poly a clues,and improve the ability of finding their thinking as well as the students to master the necessary mathematical thinking.To improve the operational capability of the operation of simplicity,flexibility,and strategy selective cultivation.Reflections in raising the problem solving ability,the teacher must first become a reflective teacher,thus creating reflection scene in recitation,demonstration method,students are required to write the problem solving problem solving reflection reflection diary,improve reflection ability to solve problems.
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