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A Study On The Strategies Of Improving The Ability Of Chemical Problem Solving In Senior High School

Posted on:2017-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the times, the whole society pays more attention to the education. In a new round of curriculum reform and the national-and long term educational reform and development plan (2011 -- 2022) "requirement, penetrated into the daily teaching pay more attention to problem solving ability of education and training has become a trend, has become the focus of attention in contemporary education. Based on this background, this paper studied the ability of problem solving strategies for senior high school chemistry, hope through the questionnaire to find out the current high school students are in the learning process of solving difficult situation, and by aiming at the current situation of high school chemistry problem solving difficulties in-depth analysis, dig out the influence factors of students’ difficulties in solving chemical problems. While staff neglect to train students’ ability of solving problems is the main influencing factors in the teachers do not pay attention to the premise of fostering students’problem-solving ability, there are some defects in problem solving ability of high school students, can not meet the basic requirements of China’s education, not only conducive to improve student achievement, it is a kind of education oversight, their abilities to solve problems therefore, our education should improve the status quo, through positive coping strategies to improve teachers’solutions for students The training of the ability of the problem, let the students master the problem solving ability, thus improve the study result, and develop the independent study, have certain learning ability of the new socialist talents.The in the course of the study mainly adopts the questionnaire survey, sampling survey of Yingkou area two different levels of senior high school students, according to 240 students sample survey found that the two high school students in chemistry problem solving ability are lacking. Mainly embodies students for lack of interest by high school chemistry curriculum, high school students for lack of chemistry course of self cognition and daily teaching process, teachers and students interact less, teachers in daily teaching process in chemical experiments and chemical ways of thinking training problems. Facing these problems and the desire to enhance senior high school students’ ability of solving chemical should improve the current state of the teaching teaching, teachers should to cultivate students’ interest in chemistry course, in the daily teaching process increase for chemistry students self understanding, recognize their own learning of the fundamental purpose. At the same time, between teachers and students should be established a good relationship, from the perspective of students consider improving the teaching methods and means, should pay more attention to the chemistry experiment and thinking to promote the importance of learning ability in solving problems. Through these measures to achieve the ultimate goal of improving the ability of high school chemistry problem solving, and thus for the development of education in our country, improve the education environment to make due contributions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Problem solving ability, chemistry course, problem solving thinking
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