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The View Of Marriage And Love For The Post-80s And Post-90s College Student Comparative Study

Posted on:2019-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330566995490Subject:Ideological and political education
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The view of marriage and love is an important part of the values of human life,which is related to personal happiness,harmony of the family and the stable development of society.China is in a period of social transformation.Influenced by the trend of western liberalism,“sexual liberation movement” and money worship,people's views on marriage and love have changed.The post-80 s and post-90 s college students are in the love and marriage stage.Through the analysis on the changes in their view of marriage and love,we can obtain the influence of the background of the times on the development and change of the view of marriage and love,providing material policy for further education the view of marriage and love.We can have a deeper understanding of the development trend of post-90 s and post-2000 s college students' ideology,reveal the potential impact of social development and change on individual development,and provide realistic reference for schools and society to educate contemporary college students' view of marriage and love.In this study,a questionnaire survey and a combination of individual interviews were used to investigate and analyze the view of marriage and love of the post-90 s college students.According to the comparison and analysis of the results of the two surveys in2007 and 2017,it showed that,compared with the post-80 s college students,the changes in the view of marriage and love of the post-90 s college students are more obvious: the phenomenon of love is more common and happens in younger age,love motivation is diversified,college students pay more attention to the development potential of the partner,college students are more rational about love and relationship breaking,intimacy in love is more open,marriage motivation is in utilitarianism,the standard for married spouse pays more attention to the personal qualities,marital autonomy consciousness is improved,marriage is more rational,attitude towards sex tends to be more open and the chastity value is gradually weak.It analyzes the reasons for the change of the contemporary college students' view of marriage and love.On the basis of empirical investigation,this paper analyzes the impact of market economy,multiculturalism,public opinion and social moral environment oncollege students' view of marriage and love.Taking the socialist core values as the guidance,we should establish the value goal of college students' love and marriage education,that is,to improve their love ability,strengthen their marriage and moral cultivation,and consciously standardize their marriage behavior,so as to promote the all-round development of college students.We should constantly enrich and optimize the content of the education of marriage and love,which includes three parts: the moral education of marriage and love,the aesthetic education of marriage and love,and the education of the scientific knowledge of marriage and love.The path to expand the education of college students' view of marriage and love includes strengthening the supervision and standardization of social media,perfecting the legal protection of love interaction,and creating a good social and moral environment;improving the curriculum of the view of marriage and love,improving teachers' teaching ability and strengthening the construction of campus culture;parents should pay more attention to the phenomenon of college students' marriage,teaching with own examples rather than words and strengthening the construction of family tradition;give full play to the subjective role of college students,study the Marxist theory independently and improve the ability of discrimination.Guide and standardize college students' view of marriage and love,and promote the harmonious development of society.
Keywords/Search Tags:the view of marriage and love, opening, pluralism, influence factor, countermeasure
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