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A Study On The Art College Students’ Love And Marriage View

Posted on:2013-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Q HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330377450329Subject:Ideological and political education
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As the deepening of reform and opening-up, college students’ mode of thinkingand acts are changing. College student of art as the special section, have some differentcharacteristics. Based on the art students’ personality characteristics, their marriageview is not only a reflection of art college students’ life value orientation of, but also areflection of their views on love and marriage development trend. According to thelogical thinking of "identify the problem–Analysis the problem--solve the problem"logical, it has been conducted a thorough and meticulous exposition.The thesis was begun with its background, based on the research need, by usingthe method of documentary and investigation to conduct empirical. According to theresearch conclusion, it has given an analysis on the art students’ love and marriage, andthen summarized the characteristics of art students, and according to the current area ofChengdu College Art Students’ view on love and marriage status, it has found thecauses of the problem and proposed the guiding countermeasures.By analyzing the data and model, it understood the psychological demand and themarriage value orientation of Chengdu college art students. And based on that, it hasgiven a systematic analysis. There are mainly three important ideas following:First of all, Art College Students’ view on love and marriage status is notoptimistic. Their thought and psychology is in a crucial period of development, andvulnerable to be effected, so that their thoughts and behavior deviation, and hinder thecorrect view on love and marriage form. How to guide art college students to establishhealthy and positive view on love and marriage, has become a problem that society,universities and family all concerns. According to the art college students’ attitudes, standards, motivation of love and other aspects, it has analyzed systematically. Throughempirical investigation found that Chengdu area college art students’ current situationof marriage concept due to six major problems: pay attention to comprehensive qualitystandards, but utilitarian consciousness obvious; on marriage, love held a positiveattitude, but the lack of a sense of responsibility; motivation of love with diversity, buteasy to follow the trend of society; sexual concept tends to be open, but the moralcontrol is weak; and access to information and diverse, but more for the non normalchannel; rational view of love, but there are excesses.Secondly, according to the art students’ view on love and marriage causes, thispaper mainly expounds from three aspects: first, the influence of the social environmentincluding sexual liberation and freedom thoughts of mass media impact, negativeorientation, university environment and interaction in peer group. Second, it analyzedthe lack of love and marriage education from the lack of lag on marriage education.Third, the analysis of the individual factors of art college students has established acorrect outlook on marriage and love impact.On this basis, the paper further puts forward college art students’ correct outlookon marriage and love establish, needs the society, universities and family together, andinnovate the art college students outlook on love and marriage guidancecountermeasure, will be the ideological and political education into the art students’view on love and marriage education. First, from the social environment, cultivate theart college students’ comprehensive quality. Through the use of the traditional culture ofChina actively, build good social atmosphere to cultivate the art students’ humanisticquality, strengthen marriage education art students’ awareness of self protection. Insecond, the ideological and political education and college art students’ view on loveand marriage education combined, through strengthening the ideological and politicaleducation of art college students’ Outlook on love and marriage guidance andstrengthening the ideological and political education of art college students outlook onlife guide two aspects and give full play to the guidance function of ideological andpolitical education. Third, they should foster healthy campus cultural and atmosphereof art college students’ love and marriage ethics remodeling. Finally, strengthen thefamily of art college students’ outlook on love and marriage guidance. According to theeducation mode witch is combining society, university with family, to guide the collegeart students to establish a correct outlook on love and marriage.
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