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Team Social Capital Influence On Scientific Research Personnel Innovation And Implementation

Posted on:2020-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The world today is facing a major change during the past century.Reform of global economic governance system is accelerating,paradigm of technology innovation has undergone enormous changes,and new pattern of global innovation is speeding up.China's economy has entered into a new stage of high-speed,high-quality and highefficiency development.Promoting economic development with efficiency reform,quality reform and dynamic reform,and accelerating the full construction of a well-off society will propose a higher,faster,more urgent demand to China's independent innovation capability and high-quality technology supply.China's scientific and technological innovation has entered into an important pass of strategic transformation,and both the internal and external environment has undergone major changes.Therefore,the strategic opportunities China is facing have also been endowed with new connotations.As the main force of China's science and technology innovation system,scientific research institutes play an important role in promoting the development of science and technology innovation in China.The innovation activities and achievements of scientific research personnel within the scientific research institutes will directly affect China's overall framework and capabilities of innovation development.As it is well known that if innovation only remains in the stage of generation of innovative ideas,it can not be produced as scientific research results.Only by bringing innovation into the implementation stage,and then producing new technologies and new products is the real innovation.Meanwhile,innovation is a complex process of social interaction,and individual innovation apart from the team is impossible.Especially in the institutes such as Chinese Academy of Sciences,which scientific research is carried on as a research group or a project group.Therefore,research on the mechanism of action came into being regarding the impact of team social capital on the innovation implementation of scientific research personnel,the subjective norms perceived by researchers in the research innovation atmosphere peculiar to the scientific research institutes and whether or not the self-innovation efficacy of researchers in completing innovation work.This thesis takes 233 scientific research personnel from the M Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science(CAS)as the research object.By means of matching questionnaires between scientific research personnel and direct supervisor,studies the influence of team social capital on the innovation implementation of scientific research personnel,and explores the role of subjective norms and innovative self-efficacy as two regulatory variables in the implementation of team social capital on the innovation of researchers.Then,through questionnaire distribution and data compilation,the mixed linear model in SPSS is used to analyze and process the data.By applying the descriptive statistical analysis,reliability and validity analysis,population variable factor analysis,correlation analysis and so on,the empirical test and research on the relationship between team social capital,subjective norms,innovative self-efficacy and innovation of scientific research personnel are studied.According to the results of data analysis,the conclusions of this thesis are as follows: the team social capital has a significant positive predictive effect on the innovative implementation of scientific research personnel;the subjective norm plays a positive role in the innovative implementation relationship between the team social capital and scientific research personnel;innovation self-efficacy only plays a positive role in the relationship between the social capital of the relationship and the cognitive team and the innovation implementation of the scientific research personnel,and does not play a regulatory role in the relationship between the structural team social capital and the innovation implementation of the scientific research personnel.Finally,according to the conclusions of this thesis and related theories,combined with the actual situation of the M Research Institute of CAS,this thesis proposed following management suggestions that emphasize on the development and cultivation of team social capital,creating an innovative cultural atmosphere,establishing a comprehensive talent training system,establishing a reasonable scientific evaluation system,and establishing“service-oriented”research management systems.
Keywords/Search Tags:team social capital, subjective norms, innovative self-efficacy, innovation implementation
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