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Research On The Application Of Scratch In Developing Junior High School Students' Computing Thinking Ability

Posted on:2020-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The information age has put forward new requirements for both teachers and students.Education must not only follow the nature of education,but also adapt to the development of the times and strive to cultivate more internationally competitive talents.To train students to use computational thinking to solve problems is to adapt to the information age.The newly revised information technology curriculum standards include computational thinking as one of the core qualities of the discipline.With the advancement and deepening of quality education,students' ability to use computational thinking to solve problems has been put forward higher requirements.Teachers need to train students to use computational thinking to solve learning and life problems.The research on computational thinking ability is relatively mature at home and abroad,but there is not enough focused research on the problem oriented computational thinking ability.At present,Scratch,a visual programming software,has gradually entered primary and secondary schools in China because of its simple and easy to learn features.It has received a lot of praise from teachers and students,and combined with the characteristics of Scratch,it has conducted issue-oriented computational thinking ability training teaching,which is in line with the development needs of the information age.It also meets the inherent needs of teaching.In this study,we analyze the students 'ability of data and analysis,algorithm and programming,project and engineering,and make an interview with teachers and students to summarize the teaching status of our school's computational thinking.By analyzing the training goal,content and strategy of "problem oriented computing thinking ability" and combining the general process and teaching link ofcomputational thinking problem solving,the paper designs a problem oriented computing thinking teaching model.Put this teaching model into action research,implement classroom teaching in three rounds of action research,use classroom observation methods to find problems,improve teaching models and teaching designs,and explore the role of Scratch based computational thinking teaching in improving the computing thinking ability of junior high school students.And cultivate junior high school students 'ability to solve problems.After the action study,students 'data and analysis,algorithms and programming,project and engineering skills were improved,and students' computational thinking ability for problem solving was improved through the post-measurement data and interview.From the comparative analysis of the pre-measurement data and post-measurement data of computational thinking ability,it can be seen that the student's computational thinking ability has been improved compared with the previous one,and it still needs to be improved..It shows that this teaching is helpful to enhance students 'ability to solve problems,and the teaching mode of solving problems has theoretical and practical value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Computer thinking ability, Problem solving ability, Scratch, Visual programming software, Junior school student
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