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Research On The Value Marketing Of Chinese Professional Sports League

Posted on:2021-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330620477235Subject:Operation of sporting events
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With the support of relevant national policies and people's need for health and leisure,the development momentum of sports industry is getting better and better.As the core component of sports industry,sports competition and performance industry plays an irreplaceable role in promoting the better and faster development of sports industry.Among them,the professional league plays an important role.The professional league in China has made great progress in the past 20 years,but there are also some problems that cannot be ignored.Super bowl is the championship of American Professional Football League.Its great success provides a good reference for the development of our professional football league.This study adopts the methods of literature,case analysis,questionnaire and mathematical statistics to study the professional league and the super bowl of NFL championship.The research shows that super bowl has achieved great success after four stages of development,and its value marketing practice mainly focuses on value discovery,value creation and value communication.According to the results of audience perception,the dissatisfaction with the value marketing of professional sports events in China is mainly in the dimension of value discovery and value creation.In the dimension of value discovery,it is mainly related to national culture and national emotion.In the dimension of value creation,it is mainly dissatisfaction with the spiritual Embeddedness and cultural embeddedness of events.In addition,in the value creation dimension,it also gives a higher satisfaction evaluation to various activities and values during the event.It is found that there are three problems in the value marketing of professional sports leagues in China: the mining of project value needs to be strengthened,the local value needs to be highlighted,and the mainstream value of the country needs to be reflected.Based on the experience of value marketing of super bowl and the basic situation and problems of value marketing of professional sports events in China from the perspective of audience perception,this paper puts forward corresponding suggestions for the development of China's Professional League: from the perspective of concept,we should adhere to the people's central position,adhere to the concept of value discovery and mining;from the perspective of path,we should explore the project's own value and create the additional events Value,highlight the value of local characteristics and integrate into the mainstream value of the country to carry out value marketing for China's professional league.
Keywords/Search Tags:Professional Sports League, Value Marketing, Super Bowl, Enlightenment
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