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Research On Credit Risk Management Of Smes In Commercial Banks

Posted on:2019-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the current era,China has established a relatively sound economic system.With the development of economy,the number of small and medium-sized enterprises has increased rapidly,which has greatly promoted the growth of GDP in China.The status of small and medium-sized enterprises has been increasingly prominent.At the same time,China's commercial banks are increasingly competitive.Commercial banks have made great adjustments to business development strategies,vigorously developing SME credit,and upgrading and optimizing SME business models.In 2008,Bank of China officially issued the management method,set up a credit factory for small and medium-sized enterprises,simplifying the credit approval channels for small and medium-sized enterprises,increasing different ways of guarantee,and increasing support for small and medium-sized enterprises.However,SMEs often have problems such as imperfect governance structure,imperfect financial system,weak debt paying ability and weak ability to fight risks.Improving the credit risk control of SMEs,improving the original credit management and post loan management mode has become an important part of commercial banks to enhance SME credit business.This paper combines the theoretical basis of Chinese and foreign scholars,policy support for small and medium-sized enterprises compared to the foreign banks,BOC's two real cases of commercial bank credit of SME credit business and credit policy in-depth analysis,in the same credit policy,through the comparison of successful cases and dishonesty cases,find problems in the risk management system of BOC Shanghai branch of the existing small and medium-sized enterprises,and puts forward related suggestions and countermeasures.Because the risk management and control of small and medium-sized commercial banks is facing arduous challenges.Therefore,through the BOC cases' study,it is of practical significance to study how to actively and effectively conduct SME credit risk management.It is hoped that through the research of SME credit risk management,we can improve the current situation of SME credit business,and promote the healthy development of commercial banks and SMEs financing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial Bank, Small and Medium Enterprises, Credit Risk Management
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