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Analysis On Problems And Countermeasures Of Manage-ment Of Grain-reserving Under The Background Of Grain-destocking

Posted on:2019-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330572455005Subject:Public administration
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In China,the grain issue is not only an economic issue,but also a political and strategic issue.Since the foundation of the People's Republic of China,successive governments have always treated the food problem as the top priority to ensure the national economy,the people's livelihood and the stability of the market.As an important material and means of the government to adjust the balance of supply and demand,stabilize market prices,and respond to various emergencies,grain reserves have been far more important than the role of the so-called "stabilizing the market,preparing for the shortage,and supporting farmers".Naturally,they have also a major responsibility for governments at all levels not to take lightly.In particular,China's economy is facing transformation,upgrading and increasingly entering a new normal trend.Under the premise of safeguarding national food security and historical interests,under the environment where many contradictions are superimposed,such as the adjustment of relevant grain policies,market conversion,inventory removal,pressurization of regulation and pressure of reform,etc.and various risks and hidden dangers meet,the capacity of balanced and sustainable development of grain reserves in China should be continuously improved,so as to better serve the country's agricultural development,the increase in peasants' income and market stability,which are long-term issues that must be considered and planned by Sinograin as the main force of the country's grain reserves.In terms of research methods,this study adopts a combination of case studies and normative studies,selects Sinograin Heze depot for analysis,and outlines the basic situation of grain reserves in Heze depot.After analyzing the attributes of the reserve grain,especially the public attributes,the paper analyzes the evolution of the management mechanism of grain reserves and the challenges faced by the entire reserve system since the year.On this basis,basing on the actual and current situation in the daily grain storage management process of Heze depot and the background of current grain destocking,the paper summarizes the challenges faced by the current grain management,mainly including insufficient market pre-warning,maj or drawbacks of reserve entities and management,long market reform mechanisms,etc;The paper finds out the problems and conflicts in the process of reserve grain,mainly including contradiction between high stock of grain and pressure of collecting and reserving grain,imbalance between using depot efficiently and keeping benefits,Off-depot supervision,competition pressure outside the enterprise,contradiction between enterprise management objectives and implementation of national policy,etc.To deal with these problems,the paper proposes some suggestions and countermeasures,such as clarifying management mechanisms and responsibilities,strictly controlling the risk of off-depot supervision,promoting rotational purchases and sales intensive management,making full use of modern technology and management means and methods,strengthening risk control and improving market-oriented operation capability,and building long-term planning goals.etc.The paper conducts a theoretical analysis on the management of grain reserves of enterprises administered by Sinograin,and points out that Sinograin should adapt to needs of the market flexibly as public welfare enterprises,due to the specific roles and functions of the enterprises,and the flexibility of the market.Although grain is more likely to exist in the market as a fully competitive commodity,Sinograin will remain for quite a long time under the background of China's unique national conditions,and will continue to play its important role in maintaining national grain security and serving the macro-control.
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