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Analysis And Research Of VR Animation Narrative Techniques

Posted on:2019-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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VR technology combined with animation,animation brings new presentation,but also create new animation narrative,offers a new way for animation creators,got the extensive concern of the industry.However,in the face of this new narrative media,the creators are still in the exploration stage,and VR animation has not developed its own narrative grammar.Although VR brought more possibilities to create animation,but because of the nature of the VR,the director to the audience's control has weakened,therefore,also has a lot of the personage inside course of study thinks,it's hard to tell a good story in VR.And the current industry has a part of the argument that in VR animation,the audio-visual language of traditional video animation has completely failed.But after research and analysis,the saying is actually otherwise,VR animation is the traditional media such as movies,games and drama of the narrative,selectively inherit and carry forward the innovative,thus integrated to form a new system.VR animation immersive and interactive experience,better for the audience "in the story" provides a possible,also makes the audience identity change,the audience will no longer just the "listener" of the story,at the same time also can become the narrator of the story.It is precisely because of these characteristics of VR animation that the narration presents new difficulties,and the creators must try to innovate and design a new method suitable for VR animation narration.This paper will compare the differences between traditional image animation and VR animation,and summarize the characteristics of VR animation.Again by the characteristic of VR animation,traditionalanimation narrative images related theories and practical experience of existing VR animation creators,comprehensive analysis summarizes VR animation features of what new creative possibilities,these features and what are the new problems,to solve these problems and to try something innovative design which is suitable for the new VR animation narrative method.Moreover,through the theoretical research of VR animation narration,it is better to guide the practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:VR animation, narrative technique, Weak interaction, Strong interaction
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