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An Analysis Of The Color Law Of Yangjiabu Woodcut New Year Paintings In Ming And Qing Dynasties

Posted on:2020-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Through sorting out the existing research on Yangjiabu wood engraving New Year pictures,the color of Yangjiabu wood engraving New Year pictures is closely related to the theme,purpose and posting location.Judging from the subject matter,Yangjiabu woodcut New Year pictures can be classified as "serious" and "lively".The former expresses people's simple beliefs and desires to pray for good fortune and ward off evil spirits;the latter expresses people's praise for family life and decoration of living environment.There are certain formulas for the use of colours in these two kinds of works.In addition,Yang Jiabu artists have created many works by drawing lessons from the "drama stories" in Yang Liu's youth paintings,and the color of such works is very unique.This paper attempts to analyze the specific characteristics and rules of color in Yangjiabu woodcut New Year pictures,and explore its significance and value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yang Jia Bu, Wood Engraving Picture, color, Program
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