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The Research Of Zhu Xian Zhen Wood Engraving Picture’ Pulishing

Posted on:2015-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a unique artistic form, New Year picture has deeply rooted in the working people, whichhas also became a living reflection of the feelings and life of the masses. The wood engravingpicture of Zhuxian Town has a long history, which originated in Song dynasty and arrived at aperiod of great prosperity in Ming dynasty. At the beginning of Northern Song Dynasty, thecapital Bianjing was the center of national politic, economy and culture. Large townspeopleclasses promoted the development of secular art, while the active secular art supplied fertileground for New Year picture creation. What’s more, with the development of woodblockprinting, New Year picture has turned to engraving printing from stroke. With a distance ofmore than twenty kilometers from Kaifeng, the New Year picture of Zhuxian Town nourishedand developed in the flourished place because of the water transportation at Song dynasty.Unfortunately, the economical status of Zhuxian Town has been declined due to years of war,natural disasters and torrents from Yellow River, but the reputation of Zhuxian Town’s woodengraving picture was still very famous in the Central Plains. In fact, Zhuxian Town’s woodengraving picture has good values on sociology, cultural studies, folklore and aesthetics,which has been regarded as treasures of Chinese folk culture.With the transit from agricultural age to the industrial age and faced with the societytransformation, a lot of intangible cultural heritage, such as Zhuxian Town’s wood engravingpicture was stated in the danger of extinction. Through the overall research of Zhuxian Town’s wood engraving picture, this paper grasped the publication status and analyzed the reasonwhy Zhuxian Town’ s wood engraving picture declined from the aspects of history,manufacture technique, investigation and existed problem, moreover, it has given out thereasonable development ideas based on the practical situations, hope it can contribute to thedevelopment of Zhuxian Town’s wood engraving picture.
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