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Research On Art Characteristics Of Pingyang Wood Engraving Picture Of Shanxi

Posted on:2016-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2285330461980931Subject:Art theory
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Wood engraving picture is the traditional folk art form in China, which is the creative wisdom crystallization of ancient people. Pingyang is one of the earliest birthplaces of wood engraving picture. Pingyang wood engraving picture began in the Song and Jin Dynasty, and reached its peak in Ming and Qing Dynasty. It fully reflects the activities of people’s daily life, festivals, religious customs of the Yellow River triangle area in Pingyang, with the characteristics of rough, rustic farming in Loess Plateau area. In 2008, Pingyang wood engraving picture was listed as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, its excellent skills and prosperous categories lay a solid foundation for the research on Chinese civilization.The text uses the method of field investigation and Literature analysis to study the Pingyang wood engraving picture from the four aspects. The first part mainly analyses the background, development and geographical distribution of Pingyang wood engraving picture. The second part which based on the available data and collected photos is to classify and summarize the contents and the folkloric functions of Pingyang wood engraving picture. The third part is the key researching content of the text, which is from the aspects of composition, shape, color, craft, etc, to analyse the artistic characteristics of Pingyang wood engraving picture, And the author compares it with the wood engraving picture in other regions, clearly grasps the artistic law and esthetics features of Pingyang wood engraving picture. The fourth part is that the author puts forward some basic opinions on how to inherit and protect the Pingyang wood engraving picture, which aims at the current problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Pingyang wood engraving picture, Artistic characteristics, Craft, Comparison
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