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Research On The Method Of Space Design Based On The Interpretation Of Film Time And Space Language

Posted on:2020-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2435330575995779Subject:Art and design
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The resonance between film art and space design is derived from the homogeneity of the essence of art.The surface structure can be seen in the similarities of human geography,visual effects and spatial changes.In the deep structure,the consciousness homogeneity,narrative mode and space-time language can be seen.There are similarities in metaphorical nature,such as spatial transitions.So more and more architects and theorists are discussing the cinematic issues in the architectural space.Combining the case of film and space design,the paper interprets the relationship between film and space from the core structure of film,and analyzes the relationship between time and space structure,space-time language and form generation from the dimension of time and space.A language interpreter that crosses two categories.Extracting the film narrative method and narrative medium,under the comprehensive background of different time and space structures,movement modes,editing methods,etc.,the projection of spatial context and the formation of spatial catalysts are from concept to system,from whole to partial.Translation.Not only has it reshaped the spatial situation,but it has also raised the spirit of the place.Designing a cinematic space not only improves the sensitivity to spatial perception,but also guides us to use the body to acquire spatial experience.This experimental cross-discipline not only creates a new formal language,but also forms a new perspective and thinking.The model prepares for future speculative and groundbreaking research on complex spaces.
Keywords/Search Tags:space-time structure, film space-time language, nonlinear narrative, place spirit, spatial metaphor
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