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Research On The Classroom Questioning Strategies Of The Elementary Integrated Chinese As A Foreign Language Course

Posted on:2021-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2435330605962953Subject:International Education in Chinese
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The primary stage of TCSL refers to the stage of learning Chinese with only basic Chinese knowledge.Students in this stage have a short time to contact with Chinese,and have limited knowledge of pronunciation,vocabulary and grammar.Classroom questioning is very important in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.Different ways and strategies of questioning not only affect students' interest in learning,but also affect classroom efficiency and teaching effect.Therefore,classroom questioning is a research subject worthy of great attention.This article consists of five parts.The first part is the introduction,which is a research overview.From the perspectives of different types of classes,the perspective of questioning strategies in the primary stage,question classification,waiting time,and teacher feedback,it respectively summarizes the research on classroom questioning by domestic scholars.The results show that there is a relative lack of research on the questions in the primary Chinese course.The second part discusses the problems existing in the elementary class of TCSL.By the methods of questionnaire and interview,the novice to 60 Chinese teacher,this paper sums up the main existence novice teachers in the classroom questioning the medium of classroom questioning language use,the proportion of different types of questions in class,ask objects,the teachers waiting time,feedback on the answer five aspects of problems and difficulties.The reasons include the inadequate preparation before class,the influence of teachers' own habits,the influence of teachers' anxiety psychology,and the low level of students' Chinese in the primary stage.The third part analyzes the question corpus of elementary Chinese course.In order to make the corpus representative,increase the persuasive and scientific,selected the five excellent of experience teacher in TCSL,transfer their primary Chinese class video to discuss the use of the media language from the questions,distribution of teachers' question types,wait time,asking questions,teachers' feedback on the transcription.The results show that in the primary stage,teachers will gradually reduce the use of media language;the proportion of demonstrative questions is more than reference questions.Teachers wait longer after asking reference questions,questions are asked more to the entire student body,after the students answer,the teacher will use strategies such as praise,repetition,comment and encouragement to give feedback to the students.The fourth part,based on the analysis of the corpus,puts forward some suggestions on the question strategies,such as the design of questions,the combination of demonstrative and referential questions,the reasonable adjustment of waiting time,the emphasis on a variety of feedback to students and the systematization of questions,etc,in the hope of helping the novice Chinese teachers.The fifth part is the conclusion.Due to the limited time and energy,this paper only makes a preliminary discussion on the questions raised in the elementary Chinese as a foreign language,hoping to inspire and help the novice teachers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Novice level of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Classroom questioning, Teaching strategy
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