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Research On The Effectiveness Of The Soviet Centralization System In Stalin's Time

Posted on:2019-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330548496639Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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The Soviet centralization system was gradually formed in the specific historical environment in 20s and 30s twentieth Century.It was established in the Stalin era and consolidated in the Soviet era.It is the symbolic feature of the Soviet system in the Stalin era.In this paper,the Soviet Union centralized system Stalin period as the starting point,study the centralization system focus on efficiency,starting from the historical facts,analysis of the Soviet national cultural tradition and environment at home and abroad,analyze the causes,manifestations and double effect of the Soviet Union centralized system during the period of Stalin,analysis of the intrinsic link of the Soviet totalitarian system and the drastic changes in the Soviet Union.Based on summarizing the experience and lessons,summed up the principles and Strategies of democratic reform in socialist countries.Therefore,it is of great significance to study the effectiveness of the Soviet centralization system during the Stalin period.During the Stalin period,the development of the centralization system of the Soviet Union evolved gradually,and experienced the process of formation,development,consolidation and rigidity.Stalin is in the period of the Soviet Union centralized system comprehensive termination of the new economic policy,the establishment of Stalin in the party's supreme personal authority,and the establishment of unified ideology formed in the mode of the formation of Marxism and the planned economy,the autocratic political culture tradition,intense domestic and international environment and the fierce struggle in the party and state organs of the party centralism transplantation etc.In the period of quite a long history,the centralization system established in the period of Stalin has never changed its root content.The economy is highly centralized planned economy system,mainly through the development of collectivization of agriculture movement,giving priority to the development of heavy industry,the establishment of a single public ownership of the means of production system and the implementation of the plan economy;the political arena for the highly centralized political system,party and between the party and the appointment of cadres to implement system and tenure,the Central Committee of the Party committee,reorganized as a "cleansing" campaign to eliminate the opposition is the specific performance;cultural field performance for the highly centralized system,create a personal worship culture atmosphere,to carry out cultural management mode,establish a simple formulation of the height of the administration decision execution culture system and culture standard of subjectivity and one sidedness is the establishment of cultural centralization system by means of these The basic framework of the Soviet centralization system during the Stalin period was constructed.During the Stalin period,the centralization system of the Soviet Union had a double effect.On the one hand,centralized system to a certain extent,accelerate the socialist industrialization,for the victory of the war laid a solid foundation,to consolidate the Soviet political power,and promote the development of society to a certain extent;on the other hand,we cannot neglect the negative influence of the centralization system,the planned economy system of highly centralized suppression the social economic activity,the highly centralized political system has hindered the development of democracy,the highly concentrated culture system to curb the Soviet cultural development vigor,centralization system so increasingly rigid further accelerated the stagnation of the Soviet union.With the drastic change of the Soviet Union rigid centralization system are inextricably linked,rigid centralization system to make the Soviet Union at a standstill,facing the disadvantages of centralized system has become increasingly prominent,the leaders of the Soviet Union carried out a series of reforms in the reform,but they mostly ended in failure,it is not difficult to find,the previous reforms in failure ended largely because the reform has not touch the fundamental centralized system,almost all in the collision and circuitous centralization in the system,which will inevitably lead to the Soviet Union.In the centralized system,which will eventually lead to drastic changes.Through the analysis of the centralization system of the Soviet Union,the democratic political construction of the socialist country should draw lessons from it and gain useful enlightenment.The construction of socialist democratic politics is of great significance to promote the development and progress of the socialist countries,but the construction of socialist democratic politics itself contains a lot of complexity and uncertainty,in this regard,we must adhere to the socialist democratic reform principles and tactics,let the socialist countries made significant progress in the construction of socialist democracy.
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