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The Study Of ’Stalin Model’ To Evaluate

Posted on:2014-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Built in the Soviet union socialist society is a "Stalin model". Under the guidance ofthis model, the Soviet union after the great and glorious period, to cease to exist thedemise of the farewell to the stage of history, which caused a global sensation, but alsocaused global attention scholars deeply from all walks of life. Regardless of politics oreconomy, scholars from all walks of life in the study of "Stalin model", in the hope thatthrough the study of this model, to sum up experience lesson, seeking social law ofdevelopment and so on. Is in the stage of socialist construction in our country, shouldseriously study the "Stalin model", especially for a variety of different "Stalin model" toevaluate research, in order to seek different geographical environment in differenthistorical conditions "Stalin model" at a deeper level of understanding, for our country insocialist construction and development to provide certain theoretical reference."Stalin mode" evaluation at a deeper level of understanding, to understand differentscholar’s different understanding of the connotation of "Stalin mode", to the leaders ofdifferent periods of different attitudes of different "Stalin model","Stalin model" and therelationship between the collapse of the Soviet union. Only know these problems, andunderstand that different scholars have different political position and the scientificattitude, different historical data and master degree, the understanding of "Stalin model"is not the same, the understanding of these in a more objective, more comprehensive,more specific attitudes carries on the analysis and comparison, to make our ownjudgment, which can deep the understanding of the "Stalin model", the developmentstrategy of China’s socialist construction, the orientation and adjust all have importantimplications, are also more widen marxism scholar’s world outlook and values."Stalin model" is highly centralized planned economic and political patterns. Whatis built in this mode, the Soviet socialism, the theoretical circle there are all kinds of way,but you can be sure, not the establishment of the Soviet union envisaged by Marx andEngels socialist society (1). I agree with the Deng xiaoping’s theory on socialist essence of answer:"stick to the four cardinal principles", is to insist on the socialism; Abandonthese, is denied socialism(2). Thus obtained, the Soviet union in the construction ofsocialist society,"Stalin model" is how of the construction of the socialism in the Sovietunion."Stalin model" is formed by three major movements, namely high speed industrialand agricultural collectivization, political "purge". For sport, the three great view believesthat there is necessity of historical development, is a requirement of the Soviet war athome and abroad and the international environment, is to consolidate regime of thecommunist party, the only way for construction of Soviet union socialist society; Anotherargument is that the three movement has violated the laws of economic development andsocial development, in the Soviet union made redundant is difficult, the catastrophicending to the Soviet union. In conclusion, the author thinks that the three sports can’tsimply say is right or wrong, look from the relations, must carry on the socialistconstruction, ensure the quick formation of the Soviet union independent and prosperous,to develop industrialization; Industrial development needs material foundation, todevelop agriculture, agriculture collectivization; And due to the top-down mandatorymeasures through strong dissatisfaction, to suppress this kind of mood, stable regime,launched "purge" campaign. Three sport is linked together, only in the specificimplementation, for the existing problems, such as unreasonable structure, unevendevelopment, interests uneven and so on many problems, not timely detection andcorrection, even negate or rigid still, in the process that led to the end of the Soviet union,therefore, simple evaluation of the three motion is right or wrong is not scientific.In the successive leaders of the Soviet union, which runs through "Stalin model" are:nikita Khrushchev period of repeated explorations, conservative adjustments brezhnevperiod, gorbachev period of the overall reform, although the expression way is different,but that didn’t have leaders are essentially meet "Stalin model", nor "Stalin model" for thecorrect reform, handle "Stalin model" relationship with the development of the Sovietunion. Play to the superiority of "Stalin model" during the second world war, the socialistconstruction general policy of being absolutely right that in the socialist countries forcopying "Stalin model", after the Soviet union after treat the different generations ofleaders, along with the collapse of the Soviet union to the end. For the collapse of the Soviet union, Gao Fang, Zhang Xihu, Lu NanQuan scholarsthink "Stalin model" throughout the history of the development of the Soviet union, theinitial rapid development to become an obstacle to the social and economic development,and finally lead to the collapse of the Soviet union. While another trend that Khrushchev,gorbachev two deny the facts of the past, the Soviet union led to the collapse of theSoviet union, they should be responsible on the collapse of the Soviet union. The Sovietunion is begin from self uglification, self-denial, resulting in collapse itself. The authorthinks that the collapse of the Soviet union and Stalin pattern "a link between each other.We can’t single point out policies for which period, which is the policy during the periodof fault, lead to the end of the Soviet union last, and should contact point of thedevelopment of this issue. Is "Stalin model" itself exists negative content, or in itsdevelopment has been rejected repeatedly, or rigid, stagnant, lead to the collapse of theSoviet union.Science evaluation "Stalin model", we should do two sides look at this issue. To see"Stalin model" the history of both rationality and progressive significance, but also to seethe "Stalin model" historical limitations and negative influence. Only in this way can wescience to recognize the weakness of the "Stalin model", in the Soviet union developmentplay a positive role in different periods and the Soviet union leaders with attitude towardsthis model for buried the hidden trouble of the collapse of the Soviet union, in order tocorrectly sum up the experiences and lessons of the Soviet socialist construction, toprovide reference for our country’s socialist construction.
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