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The Practical Application Of Sanda Skills In Police Fighting Teaching

Posted on:2020-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330575488336Subject:Master's degree in physical education
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Research purposes: First,through the research on the current situation of police fighting teaching in the People's Police Training Center,we find the problems in the actual combat of police teaching,and propose solutions and countermeasures to promote the continuous improvement of the level of police fighting.Second,through the research on the application status of Sanda skills in the combat combat combat skills,the in-depth analysis of the anti-defense counterattack tactics of Sanda skills,so that the combat training of police fighting is more scientific,targeted and effective.Research methods: Through the police officers of Heilongjiang Provincial Police Vocational College,Heilongjiang Provincial Judicial Police Academy,Harbin Public Security Bureau People's Police Training Detachment,210 police combat combat instructors,210 Heilongjiang police officers vocational college students,and 150 grassroots first-line units The People's Police conducted a questionnaire and conducted interviews with police fighting experts to study the application,suggestions and countermeasures of the defensive counterattack combat techniques in the Sanda fighting skills in the police fighting skills of the People's Police,and the actual combat skills for police fighting.The improvement provides guidance.Conclusions:(1)The problems in the police fighting in Heilongjiang Province mainly include unreasonable curriculum,short time,backward teaching materials,lack of series and coordinated action teaching.(2)Wushu Sanda should pay attention to practicality,simplicity and variability in the teaching of police officers.In the actual use of police services,in the face of armed gangsters,you can use preventive attacks such as kicking legs and side kicks,and open the distance with the gangsters in order to think about countermeasures and find opportunities to carry out further fighting and arresting work.(3)The defensive counterattack concept in Wushu Sanda is of great significance for police officers to successfully complete the attendance mission and reduce injuries.(4)The wrestling method in Wushu Sanda has a significant effect on the actual combat of police officers.The application of collet,chest cut and leg drop is more targeted.(5)Sanda training for police officers must payattention to both physical and psychological qualities.Suggestions:(1)Innovate and construct the police fighting instructor team;(2)Formulate a reasonable Sanda training plan;(3)Public security organs in various cities should increase funding;do well;hardware construction,often organize and participate in various places.The police officers martial arts Sanda meeting,and go to the college and ministerial police practical training base for research and inspection,while the provincial public security department to ensure the training and security guidance for the public security organs of various cities.(4)Conduct competitions for sports such as fighting and Sanda,and establish corresponding reward mechanisms;(5)Encourage grassroots civilian police to actively participate in Sanda training and raise awareness of defensive counterattack tactics.
Keywords/Search Tags:police fighting, defensive counterattack, sanda, wrestling, teaching practice application
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