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Research On The Legislative Accommodation Power Of The Ethnic Autonomous Areas In Guizhou Province

Posted on:2020-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330596472905Subject:Science of Law
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Legislation adaptation is an important part of the system of regional national autonomy,an important way of legislation in ethnic autonomous areas,and belongs to the category of local legislative power.In the new era,attaching importance to the value of legislative flexibility,strengthening the theoretical research and empirical investigation of legislative flexibility,and improving the legislative flexibility system,which is conductive to the common development and prosperity of all ethnic groups,and realize the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity.Therefore,the legislative organs of national autonomous areas should exercise the right of legislative adaptation,strengthen the construction of national legal system,and promote the development of national cause under the premise of adhering to the principle of not contradicting the principle.There are 14 minority autonomous areas in Guizhou province.The exploration and efforts on legislative flexibility in these areas are insufficient.There are not many thoughts and practices on how to use legislative flexibility effectively to promote local economic and social development.In practice,some achievements have been made in the legislative adaptation rights of Guizhou ethnic autonomous areas,but there are also many problems.For example,the legislature's understanding of legislative adaptation is not in place,and in the process of legislative adaptation,the principle of non-conflict is carried out rigidly.The protection of administrative organs based on sectoral interests hinders the exercise of the right of legislative adaptation.The structure of national legislative team is not optimized,the professional accomplishment is not high,and specialty of flexible legislation is not strong.The result of legislative adaptation do not combine with the national reality and do not reflect the national characteristics.These problems have seriously restricted the social and economic development of the ethnic autonomous areas in Guizhou province,and are not conducive to the improvement of the governance level of the ethnic autonomous areas in Guizhou province.Therefore,the following measures are put forward to solve the problems.First,to improve the awareness of the subject and fully realize national autonomous.Second,to avoid administrative intervention and to strengthen the independence of the exercise of the right of legislative adaptation.Third,we should optimize the structure of the legislative force and improve the quality of alternative legislation.Fourth,we should go deep into the national reality and find out the local characteristics.Fifth,we should perfect the flexible system to ensure the exercise of power.
Keywords/Search Tags:Minority Autonomous Areas in Guizhou, Legislative Adaptation Right, National Legislation, National Characteristics
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