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Research On Family Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Posted on:2021-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330602497799Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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A peaceful family makes everything prosperous;a strong family makes a strong country.Family harmony and stability are not only related to people's personal happiness,but also to the country's social development.With the deepening of social transformation and the improvement of economic development,people's outlook on life and values have changed,and the degree of family and marriage tolerance has decreased,bringing new challenges to the harmony and stability of marriage and family relations.In the process of social development,contradiction is universal,and dispute,as a form of contradiction,is unavoidable and cannot be ignored in marriage and family life.Mediation,known as the "flower of the east," is a common means of settling family disputes.However,the traditional mediation method is "flexible" and conflicts are difficult to eradicate,so people still need to seek relief through litigation.This has turned mediation into "formalism",and a large number of family cases will flood into the court,which has increased the difficulty of judicial trial in China.Faced with the increasing number of family cases,it is necessary to establish a diversified and specialized family dispute resolution mechanism to meet the new demand of family dispute resolution.In this context,this paper discusses the construction and improvement of the domestic dispute resolution mechanism.This paper is divided into three parts in structure,through the overview of the family dispute resolution mechanism,the comparative analysis of the Chinese and foreign mechanisms,and the analysis of the current situation and causes of China's current situation,put forward the idea of improving the family dispute resolution mechanism in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Family dispute, Family dispute resolution mechanism, Family mediation system
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