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The Communist Youth League Participates In The Study Of Countermeasures To Solve The Problem Of Youth Marriage And Love

Posted on:2019-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330572458588Subject:Public Administration
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With the continuous rapid development of the times,fast-paced modern society leap prompted people to their own requirements are also increasing in the material and spiritual needs of more and more rich.According to data released by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs,the average age of first marriage in Shanghai each year is constantly rising,and the phenomenon of late marriage and late childbirth becomes more common.Especially young people under the current new situation,the majority of their own conditions are very good,with high academic qualifications,a good job,wide knowledge,and many hobbies.However,more and more outstanding young people tend to be single.Therefore,the age of first marriage for both men and women has been postponed from year to year.As a result,more and more dating and dating websites,stranger social apps,and dating TV shows have appeared in this era,and a series of new terms such as "single dog","parents urge marriage," and "leftover men and women" have appeared in our life more and more frequently.It can be seen that that marriage problem of young people is more universal and becomes a focus issue of concern from all sectors of society,and may even lead to a series of family conflicts and social contradiction.Nowadays,the issue of marriage and love between older single men and women has become a very common phenomenon in Chinese society,which has also attracted the attention of the public sector and government departments.However,when the government as the main part tried to participate in solving the problem of single young men and women's love and marriage,the effect is not ideal,and it cannot deeply solve this social problem because of the research in this area is rare.Through research and information on a large number of literature studies,it is understood that the Communist Youth League organization as third party institution has extensive experience and cases in participating in the government governance of public affairs for young people.In exchange with several co-heads of the Communist Youth League,it is now particularly interesting to explore the public affairs of young people's relationships,and they have very high interest,and the research space is huge.Therefore,this study tries to analyze the case of youth dating and marriage projects in the regional team building work of the R Street Group Working Committee and explore the role of the Communist Youth League organization as the main part to assist the government in solving the current social youth's difficulties in the marriage and love affairs.Summarize and refine the good practices and experiences of the Communist Youth League organization in the work of youth dating.Furthermore,according to the research on the different needs of the youth in the society,including life,marriage and dating,the Communist Youth League of China has been deepening its organization and assisting government departments to participate in the countermeasures and suggestions to solve the problem of youth dating.It will provide the government with the basic date and resources for solving the public affairs of young people's love and marriage.
Keywords/Search Tags:Youth marriage and love, Organization of the communist youth league, Public governance, Countermeasures and suggestions
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