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Research On The Development Needs And Support Strategies Of Young Rural Teachers

Posted on:2020-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2437330602451604Subject:Principles of Education
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On January 20,2018,the CPC Central Committee and the State Council officially issued the "Opinions on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of the Teachers Team Construction in the New Era".This is the first document on the construction of teachers team issued by the CPC Central Committee,which gave high attention and put forward the specific requirements according to the development of the rural young teachers.Young teachers are the most dynamic and potential backbone of the rural teachers.Consolidating the development and growth of rural young teachers is the basic requirement for implementing the strategy of rural revitalization and the inherent requirement for accelerating the realization of China's educational modernization.The growth of rural young teachers is related to the rural education,the future of tens of millions of rural children,and the overall progress of China's educational modernization.Therefore,this study focuses on the rural young teachers,and investigates their developmental needs and dilemmas.Based on the analysis of the factors that lead to the developmental dilemmas of rural young teachers,this study proposes targeted suggestions for solving those dilemmas,which is of great significance to dedicate the enthusiasm and motivation of young teachers.This study is mainly divided into six parts.The first part mainly expounds the reasons for choosing this topic,the research purpose and significance,as well as the research methods,etc.The second part mainly defines the core concepts,and introduces the theoretical basis and the application in this research,including teacher professional development theory,teacher developmental motivation theory,need hierarchy theory,hygiene-motivational factors theory and equity theory.The third part mainly introduces the basic situation of the questionnaire survey,the interview survey and the survey object.The fourth part mainly analyzes the data obtained during the investigation process,summarizes the progress in the development of rural education in S County,and finds the "dissatisfaction of needs" of rural young teachers from the survey.The fifth part mainly analyzes the problems reflected by the rural young teachers'"dissatisfaction of needs"—the developmental dilemmas faced by the rural young teachers group and analyzes the factors.Based on the previous research,the sixth part proposes targeted suggestions to solve the developmental dilemmas of rural young teachers in order to guide and meet their developmental needs.Through research,we have the following conclusions:First,the developmental environment of rural young teachers in S County has been greatly improved in recent years,mainly in the following aspects:the growing number of rural young teachers,the continuous optimization of the rural school principals,the improvement of the overall environment of rural schools,and the improving quality of rural teachers.At the same time,the rural young teachers group showed strong needs for wages and benefits,work environment,professional development,spiritual and cultural life,etc.It means that the current relevant policies and incentive systems maybe should pay more attention to these aspects.Second,the current supportive policies,strategies and plans have indeed improved the living and working conditions of the rural young teachers,alleviating their work and life difficulties to some extent,and stimulating the enthusiasm and enterprising spirit of teachers.However,this group is still facing many developmental dilemmas,mainly in the following aspects:low overall wage income;relatively heavy work distress;less career development platforms;low status recognition;less cultural life;lack of belonging;the difficult marriage problems,etc..The above problems restrict the growth and development of rural young teachers,affect the improvement of their work enthusiasm and performance,and hinder the development of rural schools and the realization of rural educational revitalization.Third,in order to promote the growth and development of rural young teachers,the departments,schools,social forces and young teachers themselves should pay more attention to the following aspects:Adhere to a firm government-led direction,create a stable school work environment,improve the social security mechanism,and improve the growth awareness of young teachers.Only by focusing on the developmental needs of rural young teachers can we propose some supportive strategies to solve their developmental dilemmas,so as to effectively stimulate their enthusiasm and dedication in rural education,and promote the rural school's improvement and the revitalization of rural education by realizing their self-growth and development.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural young teachers, developmental needs, developmental dilemmas, supportive strategies
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