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The Study On The Risk Control Of Crowdfunding In The Small And Medium Sized Enterprises

Posted on:2019-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The development of small and micro businesses has played an active role in promoting China's economic development.Especially in helping the rise of the market,expanding employment,promoting technological innovation,and stabilizing social development.However,because of the limitation of their own size,it is always difficult for them to develop.After the financial crisis hit,the problem of financing of small and micro enterprises has become a difficult problem.Crowdfunding,as a new way of financing,is still in the groping stage and there are many risks.Therefore,how to control the risk of microbusiness crowdfunding becomes the focus of this paper.Based on the concept and theory of crowdfunding,this paper analyzes and discusses the current development situation of crowdfunding and the risks faced in the financing process,and puts forward some strategic countermeasures and suggestions to improve the crowdfunding channels and effectively avoid the market risks.This paper analyzes the problems and risks in the crowdfunding process of Hangzhou riding intelligent technology Co.,Ltd.,and puts forward the measures to deal with them.This paper provides some suggestions on the practical application of Hangzhou riding intelligent technology Co.,Ltd.,and provides some reference for the application of other small and medium enterprises crowdfunding.So the goal of financing risk control is achieved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Crowd-funding, Financing, Risk Management
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