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Factor Analysis Of Management Ability Of Science And Technology Association

Posted on:2017-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330566453262Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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After the end of last century,governance theory in the western world rise,causing the domestic scholar's wide resonance.The third plenary session of the 18 began attaches great importance to the national governance,which makes the national governance system and the modern governance capacity gradually become the forefront of national governance problem.The debate about governance theory is numerous,but each scholar on the problem of decentralized and centralized basic without controversy.It shows that the government's governance body is no longer the only.China,however,the special circumstance of the past has lead to government manages all public affairs.In addition to the government,other subject rarely have the opportunity to participate in governance.As a result,enterprises,social organizations and citizens' groups without forming in the consciousness and the ability of national governance.Therefore,the study of the organization to participate in the governance ability is very important.In the era of science and technology,technology of society is especially important for national governance modernization.The community of science and technology development of our country is not perfect.Its ability to participate in the governance and undertake the functions of the government is weak,cannot become one of the centers of polycentric governance body.Therefore,this paper tries to use the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods,deconstructing the inherent factors,in order to make clearly that what kind of ability does it need?the relationship between these abilities and the importance of the individual ability.On the study of logic,this article is based on "research hypothesis,on-the-spot investigation,hypothesis testing,model correction" logic.First of all,we classified 2557 literatures that we can search in CNKI.And on this basis,we will conclude that the research hypothesis of governance capability of science and technology associations.In the research hypothesis,we will divided governance ability of science and technology into "basic ability,core ability,development ability" three levels,to achieve factors listed complete.Finally we list 3 first-grade factors?12 second-grade factors?27 third-grade factors.Second,we surveyed science and technology associations in Hubei province to understand their current situation.At the same time,we focus on the problems that in the process of research.Research results show that we should be concerned “work team construction”,”funds management”,“association positioning” and so on.Next,through the recovery of 531 valid questionnaires for data analysis,and hypothesis test and model correction,finally it is concluded that the factor model of governance capability of science and technology associations.The process of data analysis,multiple linear regression model output conclusion proved that this group of 27 factor model associated with a significant community to participate in the governance ability of science and technology,but the degree of differentiation of the various factors is not high,high collinearity between factors.So we continue to use the factor analysis model,and then we use the factor analysis method to extract common factor with these 27 factor.Studies have found that extracted 14 common factor can well explain the 27 factor and have actual meanings.So we hereby make correction to the factor model proposed by the research hypothesis,come up with a model contains 3 first-grade factors?12 second-grade factors ? 14 third-grade factors.Finally,we analyze the weight about the 14 factors,and obtained the function expression of governance capability of science and technology associations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Associations of science and technology, National governance, Governance capability, Capacity building
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