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Research On Remanufacturer-led Supply Chain Management Considering Fairness Concerns

Posted on:2019-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X TanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330566989852Subject:Logistics engineering
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Today,with the rapid development of economy,the fierce competition in the market is unprecedented,and the world circulation industry has also undergone tremendous changes.The original supply chain model dominated by manufacturers has gradually shifted to a supply chain model dominated by remanufacturers.On the other hand,the traditional supply chain research always assumes that decision makers take profit maximization as the criterion,but behavioral research finds that people pay great attention to fairness in real life,that is,fairness concerns.Therefore,this paper introduces human behavioral factors---equity concerns in the two-cycle closed-loop supply chain system composed by manufacturers and remanufacturers,and studies the impact of fairness concerns on the supply chain.This paper makes a study of the cooperation model between manufacturer and remanufacturer,led by remanufacturers,introducing the tendency of fair concern to the pricing decision of closed-loop supply chain,this paper constructs a corresponding pricing decision model for the manufacturer and remanufacturer with no fair concern,only the manufacturer's fair concern and only the fair concern of the manufacturer,and uses the game theory and reverse induction to analyze the model,and combines the numerical example to analyze the fair concern with the numerical example.The equilibrium solution and the influence of the profit of the channel members.The study shows that the tendency of fair concern in the disadvantaged members will make it snatch the profit of a part of the channel leader and improve the proportion of its income distribution in the channel.The conclusions of this study can provide theoretical support for manufacturers to choose the competition and cooperation strategies of re manufacturers in reality.
Keywords/Search Tags:fairness concerns, closed-loop supply chain, Stackelberg game, cooperation
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