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Research On Development Strategy Of Small And Micro Credit Business Of Rural Commercial Bank D

Posted on:2020-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330572974515Subject:Business Administration
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Small and micro enterprises bear most of the employment pressure and make important contributions to economic growth,representing the future trend of economic development.Supporting the development of small and micro enterprises has risen to the height of national strategy.As the most important financial resource provider in China,banks are reasonable to support the development of small and micro enterprises.However,small and micro enterprises have weak financial strength and high credit risk,which is not consistent with the requirements of commercial banks for high-quality customers."Difficulty in financing and high cost in financing" has always been a major problem faced by small and micro enterprises.The development of modern economic and financial theory has put forward a series of solutions.It is believed that commercial sustainable development under certain risk preference conditions can be achieved by strengthening management and adopting a series of risk control measures,which provides a theoretical basis for banks to develop small and micro enterprise loan business.Therefore,it is of great theoretical and practical significance to study the loan business of small and micro enterprises.This research has certain guiding significance for rural commercial banks to develop small and micro enterprise loan business.This paper defines the concept of small and micro enterprises,points out that the loan business of small and micro enterprises has the characteristics of sudden financing demand,short term,high frequency,high default risk,lack of effective guarantee and high loan interest rate.It summarizes the mode of commercial banks to develop the loan business of small and micro enterprises,as well as the practices in grade evaluation,risk pricing,guarantee innovation and big data credit.Taking rural commercial bank D as an example,this paper introduces the situation of small and micro enterprises in D city and the loan situation of small and micro enterprises,analyses the process,structure and mechanism of the loan business of rural commercial bank D for small and micro enterprises,and finds out through qualitative and quantitative analysis that rural commercial bank D has low professional operation degree,weak risk control ability,poor financial innovationability,low efficiency of business management and performance appraisal.The imperfect problems are analyzed from the macro and micro levels,and the reasons for the problems are pointedly put forward,such as strengthening the construction of loan business talent team of small and micro enterprises,perfecting risk decentralization mechanism,perfecting customer management system,perfecting risk pricing mechanism,establishing customer star mechanism,improving product innovation ability,perfecting credit approval process and improving performance appraisal system.The countermeasures and suggestions can provide reference for rural commercial banks to develop small and micro enterprise loan business.
Keywords/Search Tags:small and micro enterprises, loan business of small and micro enterprises, grade evaluation, credit management, rural commercial banks
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