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Case Study On JXABC Bank Small And Micro Business Credit

Posted on:2019-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,the number of registered small businesses in China has reached more than 10 million,accounting for 99% of the total number of enterprises,which contributes 60% of GDP and 50% of taxes to our country,and resolves 80% of our country's urban employment..If individual industrial and commercial households are included in the statistics,the number will reach approximately 40 million,of which more than 90% of small and micro business owners will have personal assets below 10 million yuan.It can thus be seen that a large number of SMEs are an important part of our national economy and at the same time have made important contributions to the country ' s rapid economic development.However,the problem of financing difficulties that small and micro enterprises have always existed is a fact that has existed in recent years.In particular,small and micro enterprises often face a huge survival crisis in the face of huge changes in the external economic environment.As small and micro enterprises have gradually become the main driving force for the steady and rapid development of China's real economy,the difficulty of financing has attracted the attention of the government.In recent years,the government has been guiding financial institutions to support its development and increase the size of loans for small and micro enterprises.At the same time,small and micro enterprises face a bottleneck in profit growth,but it is also a huge cake,especially in recent years,as profit margins have become smaller,profit growth has continued to be weak,nurturing small and micro enterprise customers,and developing small and micro business loans Has become a new direction for the development of many banks.Although commercial banks are under the pressure of external competition and the driving force of internal profit,they have intensified their efforts in the development of small and micro enterprise credits.They regard small and micro enterprise credit as an opportunity for business transformation,but small and micro enterprise credit of commercial banks.Business development is still not satisfactory.This is because small-and micro-enterprise loans have the characteristics of small loan amount,large number of customers,and lack of collateral.As a result,banks are faced with a series of difficulties in the development process,such as difficult to manage customers,difficult to prevent risks,and difficult to drop costs.This is the reason for the existence of small and micro enterprises themselves,but it is also due to the immaturity of commercial banks in thedevelopment mode of small and micro enterprise credit business.Based on the perspective of how commercial banks develop credit for small and micro enterprises,this paper analyzes the characteristics of small and micro enterprise credit business,and discusses the development model and market prospect of small and micro enterprise credit business.In combination with JXABC Bank's case,through the development of JXABC Bank's credit business in small and micro enterprises,it analyzes its small and micro enterprise credit development model,loan approval and risk management organization structure,summarizes its existing problems and puts forward corresponding suggestions.In order to provide reference for commercial banks to develop small and micro business loans...
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