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Research On Chinese Commercial Banks'S Upport For The Credit Problems Of Small And Micro Enterprises

Posted on:2020-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the context of the national efforts to promote economic restructuring,the role of small and micro enterprises in promoting national economic development has become increasingly obvious in recent years.The proportion of small and micro enterprises in China's national economy is also gradually increasing.However,the financing difficulty seriously restricts the business development of small and micro enterprises.On the other hand,as the main financing channel of small and micro enterprises,China's commercial banks are faced with a series of problems,such as unreasonable credit structure,intensified competition,and the need to find new profit growth points.The research on the credit support of Chinese commercial banks to small and micro enterprises is beneficial to solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises and improve the profits of commercial banks,so as to achieve a win-win situation for banks and enterprises.Therefore,commercial banks can change their previous attitude of "refusing loans" and "prudent loans" to small and micro enterprises,change their business thinking,and actively commit to providing various financing services for small and micro enterprises,so as to further alleviate the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises.At present,China's commercial banks have made great efforts to promote the credit business of small and micro enterprises and have achieved great development.For example,the scale of loans continues to rise,credit products are more abundant,and the construction of the loan center is gradually improved.However,there are still a series of problems in the credit business of small and micro businesses.For example,the credit investment of commercial banks is out of line with the loan demand of small and micro enterprises,the service efficiency of commercial banks is low,and the credit products are limited.After a comprehensive analysis,it is found that Chinese commercial banks have Small and micro businesses have high credit costs,business process,internal control system and risk system need to be optimized,and financial innovation is insufficient.All these factors have an impact on commercial banks' credit support for small and micro businesses.The problem of credit support for small and micro businesses in China's commercial banks is quite complicated,and cannot be solved by only relying on commercial banks to improve their business system.To solve the problem of credit support for small and micro businesses by Chinese commercial banks,it is necessary not only to learn from the experience of developed countries,but also to build a threedimensional framework.Improving the external financing environment,improve the guarantee system for small and micro businesses,and improve the laws and regulations for small and micro businesses is the foundation for commercial banks to support the credit of small and micro enterprises,and it is necessary for commercial banks to improve their own deficiencies,and it is a prerequisite for small and micro enterprises to improve their own strength to improve their financing conditions.Each link is complementary and indispensable.Only through the joint efforts of all parties can commercial banks better support the development of credit business of small and micro businesses,thus achieving win-win results for banks and enterprises!...
Keywords/Search Tags:commercial banks, small and micro enterprises, credit support, experience reference, optimization measures
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