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Comparative Research Of Credit Mode To Small And Micro Enterprises Between Domestic And Foreign Commercial Banks

Posted on:2014-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since October2011, the State Council began to come on the related policy tosupport the small micro enterprises and the development of small micro enterprisesare more and more aroused people’s concern. Small micro enterprises which play amajor role in our country’s economic growth, social stability, increasing employment,providing tax, science and technology entrepreneurship in our country are theimportant part of the real economy. Small and micro enterprises can make afar-reaching influence to China’s macroeconomic situation and people’s livelihoodissues. But due to small micro enterprises own limited strength, in spite of the strongmomentum of development, there are serious problems. Small and micro enterprisesfinancing problems have seriously restricted the development of small and microenterprises scale and operating conditions. For the reason that most of small andmicro enterprises are startups, needing enough money to support, so the problem isdirectly related to its development trend in the future.Not only Financial system construction is not perfect, but also small and microenterprises financing channel is unitary, so that at the current financing channels asthe foundation, small and micro enterprises financing of the external factors mainlydepend on commercial bank credit problems. In2011Our government and financialregulators has proposed by require commercial Banks to support small microenterprises healthy development, and explicitly put forward the small microenterprise credit business "two is not lower than" target, to support the small microenterprise credit financing.This article chooses Commercial Banks of small micro enterprise financing asthe research object. After clearly definite the concept of small and micro enterprisescredit of commercial Banks background, research significance, then, summed up thecurrent advanced credit based on the relational credit right and information referred toas mode research status by the means of related literature about small and microenterprises financing problem. Through the analysis of the status quo and problems ofsmall micro enterprises in China, summarizes the main problems of small microenterprise financing in China. What is more, analysis of small and micro enterprisescredit structure, then propose our country solving small and micro enterprisesfinancing difficult problem is mainly by the optimization model of commercial bankcredit as the breakthrough point of the problem. After reaserching the related theory,the present situation and existing problems, the follow tow chapters are core part ofthis chapter.This paper mainly from two aspects uses the comparative analysis and caseanalysis method to research the problem by the logic around who, for who, what to do,how to do it, risk control and policy support six aspects. Summed up six aspect: creditpolicy environment and credit environment, strategic positioning, bank organizational structure, product system, the credit approval process, risk management. Thencompact with foreign advanced practice to light Chinese commercial Banks smallmicro enterprise credit business development.This paper aims to through the compaction of small micro enterprise creditbusiness of commercial Banks in China with foreign commercial bank credit business,find out the advanced management experience of the foreign commercial bank andthe credit business of commercial Banks in China as well as the achievements. Afteranalysising of the six aspects of problems in the credit business for commercial Banksin China then get the obtain about the development of small micro enterprise creditmodel direction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial Banks, Small and Micro Enterprises, Credit Model, Comparison Study
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