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Research On Decision-Making And Coordination Mechanism Of Fresh Agricultural Products Supply Chain Based On Fresh-Keeping Effort

Posted on:2020-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W X MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330590978244Subject:Business Administration
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With the rapid development of economy and the increasing improvement of people's quality of life,the proportion of fresh agricultural products in the market is gradually rising,and cold chain logistics is developing rapidly,but at the same time,it also exposes many drawbacks,such as high product loss rate,lack of coordination among enterprises in the supply chain,which seriously restricts the development of modern agriculture in China.In view of this,from the perspective of decay preservation,this paper takes a single-cycle two-stage cold chain system composed of a supplier and a retailer as an example,fully considers the decay attributes and market demand characteristics of different fresh agricultural products,and discusses the optimal inventory,pricing and preservation strategies of fresh agricultural products under deterministic demand and stochastic market demand,respectively,and cooperates in different situations.Analysis of supply chain coordination and optimization under contract.Firstly,this paper studies the inventory model of fresh agricultural products supply chain,which is affected by both price and freshness of consumers' demand.Considering the dual effects of preservation efforts on product quality and quantity loss,the paper highlights the internal relationship between the two.With profit maximization as the goal of decision-making,the paper discusses the optimal order quantity and pricing strategy of supply chain under centralized and decentralized decision-making modes respectively.And Pareto improvement of decentralized decision-making system by introducing a profit-sharing contract mechanism based on profit coordination to achieve "win-win".Subsequently,the validity of the model is verified by numerical simulation.At the same time,sensitivity analysis of some system parameters such as preservation effort and price elasticity factor is carried out,and corresponding management suggestions are given.Furthermore,the paper extends the demand function and gives the stochastic demand function with uncertain demand and partly affected by the preservation effort.Assuming that the quantity and quality of products are corrupted,the inventory costand the shortage cost are considered comprehensively in the cost function.The optimal inventory,preservation decision and coordination of supply chain under quality control are studied.The differences of decision-making and performance between product fresh-keeping and non-fresh-keeping,independent operation and integrated operation in supply chain are compared and analyzed.Then,aiming at the problem of retailer's profit loss in centralized decision-making mode,the coordination mechanism of buy-back contract based on risk sharing is proposed.Finally,an example is given to verify that the effective coordination of centralized supply chain can be achieved when the repurchase price is selected within a certain range,and the sensitivity analysis of some parameters of the model is carried out.The purpose of this study is to fully illustrate the impact of fresh-keeping efforts and integrated operation on the profitability of supply chain in different environments.It has important reference value for effectively reducing the loss rate of fresh agricultural products,ensuring product quality and improving the overall performance level of supply chain.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fresh agricultural products, preservation efforts, deteriorating, inventory decision making, supply chain coordination
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