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Study On The Difference Of Influencing Factors Between Alipay And WeChat Payment Intention

Posted on:2020-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330596981745Subject:Master of Applied Statistics
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With the rapid progress of mobile Internet and communication technology,mobile payment has achieved rapid development and widespread attention of consumers to the emergence of this new business model and give the approval and receive benefit from the convenience etc,pay treasure and micro letter payment plays an indispensable role in People's Daily lives the use of consumer oneself will is the important factor affecting the development of the third party mobile payment,therefore,to pay treasure and use micro letter pay intend to differences in study,to improve the above two kinds of mainstream of payment of the importance of market share seems particularly outstanding.Based on the researches of the third party mobile payment,paper puts forward a perceived benefits perceived cost and perceived risk network externalities and usage scenarios richness research model of five factors,and through the model of alipay and micro letter pay users intend to carry out the relevant research papers research with the method of questionnaire survey to get the data,the respondents aged 18 to 45 in wuhan for residents,ultimate recovery of 362 valid questionnaires Based on the descriptive statistical method,the actual data obtained are analyzed,and the path that influences the users' willingness to use the payment method is analyzed through the structural equation,and the difference of willingness to use between the two methods is empirically studied.The research results show that two kinds of payment of the user's perceived benefits network externalities richness positive influence on its use will use scene,the micro letter pay user perceived benefits and usage scenarios richness to the use of the will of the effect is greater than the pay treasure to pay user,and the effect of the network externalities to use intention,pay treasure to pay user biggest;Perceived risks of the two payment methods negatively affect users' willingness to use alipay,and alipay users have the largest effect.According to the above conclusions,this paper proposes Suggestions for alipay and WeChat third-party mobile payment enterprises from five aspects respectively: improve the platform functional system,optimize the interactive interface,and improve the product experience;Further improve the design technology,reduce the cost of consumer use;Establish multi-angle effective security mechanism and build more comprehensive account security guarantee;Play the network externality of the third-party mobile payment and expand the user group;Further improve the construction of the payment scene,innovative service user demand...
Keywords/Search Tags:Alipay payment, WeChat payment, Consumers' use willingness
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