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Study On Credit Risk Management Status And Optimization Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises In XY Bank

Posted on:2020-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330596997157Subject:Business administration
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Commercial banks are the main body of China's financial system,and its stability is related to the stability and development of the financial system and the entire social economy.As a type of enterprise with relatively small staff size and relatively small scale of operation,small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs)provide most of the jobs in China,contribute more than half of GDP and tax revenue.In addition,SMEs play an extremely important role in promoting technological innovation and are the main force of economic development.With the continuous improvement of market economy in our country,the private economy dominated by SMEs is becoming more and more active,and the demand for funds is growing,which brings opportunities to Banks.At the same time,the high-risk characteristics of SMEs have always plagued the credit decisions of commercial banks.Especially with the current economic downturn,the credit risk of SMEs is accumulating and the quality of bank assets is declining.Therefore,it is particularly important to improve the credit risk management of SMEs.Based on the above research background,this paper takes XY Bank as the object to study the credit risk management of SMEs.Based on the guidance of information asymmetry theory and principal-agent theory,this paper uses theoretical derivation and empirical analysis to conduct research.Firstly,through the literature research method,the domestic and foreign experts' researches on the credit risk management of SMEs were sorted out,and the development history,research status,related concepts and theories of credit risk management were mastered.After that,it expounded the basic situation of XY Bank and the present situation of SMEs credit risk management.Through the interview method and case analysis method,combined with the statistical analysis of SME credit related data of XY Bank,studied the current situation of XY Bank SME credit risk management.The main problems in the credit risk management of SMEs include weak credit risk identification ability,excessive credit concentration,increasingly serious industry risks,pre-lending investigation and loan review and post-loan management,and unreasonable organizational structure.Then,in light of the existing problems,conducted more in-depth research and studied the causes of the problems.Finally,by using the comparative analysis method,the successful experience of domestic and foreign famous commercial Banks in SMEs credit risk management was compared and used for reference,and the beneficial enlightenment was dug out for the credit risk management of SMEs of XY Bank was explored.The results of this research show that the imperfect risk identification system,the irrational credit policy,information asymmetry between bank and enterprises,the low quality of personnel,and the unilateral pursuit of scale growth will all affect the effect of credit risk management for XY Bank's SMEs.On this basis,this study proposes strategies to improve the credit risk management of XY Bank's SMEs,including optimizing the risk identification systems,optimizing the credit portfolio management,optimizing the investment orientation of the credit industry,cultivating advanced risk management culture,and optimizing the organizational structure.It provides a scientific solution for XY Bank to improve the credit assets quality of SMEs,and also provides some intellectual support for the topic of credit risk management.
Keywords/Search Tags:credit risk, SMEs(small and medium-sized enterprises), risk management, commercial banks
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