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Research On Revenue Sharing Contract Of Dual Channel Supply Chain Based On Retailer's Fair Concern

Posted on:2020-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330599960649Subject:Business management
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With the rapid development of computer technology,third-party logistics and e-commerce,more and more enterprises keep the traditional retail channels,while opening online e-commerce channels,forming a dual-channel supply chain model.The new supply chain structure challenges both theoretical and industrial circles.Under the dual-channel supply chain model,channel conflict is inevitable.Pricing is the key factor to trigger channel conflict.Therefore,the pricing problem of supply chain has become a hot topic for scholars.Supply chain revenue sharing contract model can balance the profits of supply chain decision makers.However,the current research is based on the assumption that supply chain members are completely rational.In reality,due to the propensity of fair concern behavior,it is difficult for decision makers to achieve complete rationality.Therefore,this paper explores the coordination effect of revenue sharing contract in dual-channel supply chain under retailer's fair concern behavior tendency.Firstly,it combs the domestic and foreign literature on the research of dual-channel supply chain at this paper.On this basis,combined with the latest research results of behavioral economics,introducing the retailer's fair concern behavior tendency into the dual-channel supply chain,thus forming the topic of this paper.Secondly,it establishes a revenue-sharing contract model of dual-channel supply chain when it is fair and neutral at this paper.Aiming at the two different situations of manufacturer-led supply chain and retailer-led supply chain,it calculates the equilibrium strategy of dual-channel supply chain and compares them,so as to get the coordination effect of revenue-sharing contract on retailer's dual-channel supply chain and the main factors affecting the coordination of revenue-sharing contract.Furthermore,it establishes a revenue-sharing contract model of dual-channel supply chain considering retailer's fair concerns at this paper,aiming at two different situations of retailer's favorable unfair aversion and unfavorable unfair aversion,and then draws a conclusion that retailer's fair concern tendency has an impact on the coordination effect ofrevenue-sharing contract and on the profit and utility of decision-makers and the whole supply chain.Finally,numerical simulation is carried out by using MATLAB software to verify the conclusions.In addition,the limitations of this study and future research directions are pointed out.
Keywords/Search Tags:double channel supply chain, fair concern, revenue sharing, game theory
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