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The Mode And Case Analysis Of OFDI Influences Technological Innovation In Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises

Posted on:2020-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330623452169Subject:International business
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In the development of enterprises,technological innovation plays an important role.In the context of economic globalization,many multinational enterprises obtain technical support from OFDI abroad to enhance their technological innovation capabilities.China's OFDI started relatively late,In the 1980 s,the investment model was establishment of new factories in overseas;In the 1990 s,China's OFDI developed rapidly,mergers and acquisitions is the main form.Many studies have explored the mechanism and effect of OFDI on technological innovation of Chinese enterprises,but no unified conclusion has been reached.Some studies believe that OFDI plays a role in promoting technological innovation of Chinese enterprises,while others hold opposite views,which may be related to data selection and research methods.This paper mainly uses cases analysis method to study the mechanism and mode of OFDI affecting technological innovation in China's manufacturing enterprises,providing policy recommendations for further promoting technological innovation in China's manufacturing enterprises,which has certain practical significance and theoretical value.Firstly,this paper analyses the overall development trend of OFDI in China's manufacturing enterprises based on the relevant data of enterprise OFDI.By 2017,the OFDI flow in China's manufacturing industry has reached 29.51 billion US dollars,accounting for 18.64% of China's total OFDI.This paper expounds the basic characteristics of OFDI in China's manufacturing enterprises from the aspects of industry distribution,types of main investor enterprises,domestic regions of enterprises and investment destinations.In 2017,China's foreign manufacturing investment flows to chemical raw materials and chemicals manufacturing industry reached 8.16 billion dollars,accounting for the largest proportion;from the distribution of enterprise types,limited liability companies are the largest and most active group in China's OFDI;in the domestic distribution,more than 70% of private enterprise investors come from Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and other coastal areas.According to the destination distribution of manufacturing enterprises,a large amount of OFDI capital in China's manufacturing industry is concentrated in Asia,North America,Europe and Africa.The main problems of OFDI in China's manufacturing enterprises are low added value of foreign investment industry,insufficientcompetitiveness of small and medium-sized private enterprises,unreasonable geographical distribution,etc.At the same time,the paper analyses the current situation of technological innovation in China's manufacturing enterprises.On this basis,the paper further elaborates the theoretical mechanism and influencing factors of OFDI affecting technological innovation in manufacturing enterprises,and summarizes three modes from integration innovation,independent innovation and Internet plus Innovation.Finally,based on the case of Zoomlion's merger and acquisition of Ladurner,this paper explores the basic mode of promoting technological innovation through OFDI,and carries out performance analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:OFDI, Technological innovation, Technological innovation model, Zoomlion, Ladurner
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