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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures Of S Enterprise Supply Chain Management

Posted on:2020-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330623458545Subject:Business administration
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In 2018,the Chinese economy has entered the "new normal",with increasing downward pressure on the economy,and domestic enterprises will enter a period of low growth.If an enterprise cannot effectively control costs,it will inevitably enter the "growth trap" of low growth and high cost.The three core intelligences of enterprise operation are research and development,marketing and supply chain.The "growth trap" of an enterprise can only be solved from the perspective of supply chain management.With the wide application of information technology and management methods such as Internet of things,big data and artificial intelligence,supply chain has entered the stage of intelligent supply chain.S enterprise's supply chain management and information level like other enterprises in the coal mine machinery industry is still at a relatively low level;In order to gain a competitive advantage or even come out on top in the fierce market competition.S enterprise must reform its supply chain.The main research work of this paper includes the following aspects:(1)By referring to the reference model of supply chain operation,the supply chain of S enterprise was comprehensively analyzed.Combined with the competitive demand of S enterprise,the problems of low efficiency and high cost were determined.Based on the analysis of logistics,information flow and capital flow,the reasons for S enterprise's insufficient information sharing,poor information collection automation and poor data analysis ability are summarized,and it is concluded that S enterprise has serious defects in the application of information system.(2)Combined with the Internet of things and big data technology,the existing ERP information platform was improved and upgraded from three aspects,namely supplier management,customer relationship management and production site management,to establish the solution of intelligent information system of supply chain;Extend the supply chain management of enterprise S to the supplier side and the client side,and sink to the production site and the logistics site;Data base for supply chain management.(3)Plan the implementation path for the enterprise's supply chain management information system from four aspects: visualization of supply chain operation,intelligentization of decision-making and integration of elements,and establish guarantee measures for the cloud information security.(4)Demonstrate the feasibility of the supply chain management information system scheme of enterprise S,put forward safeguard measures,and make a preliminary prediction of the effect.S enterprise supply chain management information system scheme for the overall improvement of the enterprise's supply chain management status,will play a great role in promoting the enterprise to become the industry service leader,but also to the mechanical manufacturing industry supply chain management practice will provide useful reference?...
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain management, Smart supply chain, ERP system, Supplier management, Customer relationship management, Production site management
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