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Research On The Marketing Strategy Of Small And Micro-enterprise Credit Business Of CCB H Branch Under The Background Of Financial Technology

Posted on:2020-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays,various new technologies and applications are emerging in endlessly,and the economic and financial patterns are constantly changing.With the acceleration of interest rate marketization and the intensification of "financial disintermediation",banking industry develops rapidly and iteratively under the impetus of new technologies such as big data,Internet,cloud computing and technology has become the main driving force for the transformation and innovation of commercial banks,which has greatly promoted the transformation and development of commercial banks.At the same time,small and micro enterprises have become an important force in China's economic development,and the problem of financing difficulties and financing costs of small and micro enterprises has become increasingly prominent.The State Council and various ministries and commissions have issued a series of policies to guide and support the development of small and micro enterprises,"Who Gain the Common Aspiration of the People,Who Can Rule the World",and commercial banks should continue to strength the marketing support of small and micro enterprises,which not only helps to solve the economic development pain point of financing difficulty and high cost of financing for small and micro enterprises,but also achieve the development of their own business.Based on this background,China Construction Bank has put forward three major strategies which are Rental housing,Iinclusive finance and financial technology.It hopes to guide the bank to shift its focus to the mass market,small and micro enterprises and establish a long-term mechanism through the implementation of the strategy and on the basis of scientific and technological capabilities.It will not only take the initiative to assume social responsibilities,but also win the future market.According to the research case of China Construction Bank H Branch.Firstly,it introduces the background and significance of studying the marketing strategy of credit business for small and micro enterprises under the background of financial technology,expounds the research contents and methods,and introduces the development status of financial technology and its influence on credit business for small and micro enterprises.Secondly,this paper uses 4P theory and the bank's actual situation to analyze the marketing situation and marketing problems of its small and micro enterprise credit business,and then uses PEST and SWOT analysis to analyze the marketing environment and current situation of the small and micro enterprise credit business of China Construction Bank H Branch.Finally,in close connection with the development background of financial technology and the implementation of the bank's two major strategies of inclusive finance and financial technology,a marketing strategy for the bank's small and micro enterprise credit business is designed from four aspects of products,channels,prices and promotion in view of the existing marketing problems:(1)in terms of products,product innovation should be strengthened,the small and micro credit product line should be improved,digital small and micro financial products should be developed relying on financial technology,and line interaction should be strengthened to provide a full range of product services for small and micro customers;(2)Channels should strengthen the construction of online and offline channels at the same time,and promote the construction of an integrated online and offline unbounded channel system;(3)implementing differentiated pricing strategy within the limited independent pricing power in pricing;(4)In terms of promotion,we should enhance the financial technology platform's ability to support business,vigorously carry out "collective" marketing,and actively use new media to carry out marketing.At last,the paper puts forward the safeguard measures of implementing marketing strategy,and gives the research conclusion and prospect.This paper combines the current financial technology,inclusive finance two major industry hot spots,the research process and conclusions have certain reference value for the development of small and micro enterprise credit business of commercial banks under the current financial technology background,and have guiding and practical functions for further improving the product design,marketing expansion,organization mechanism and other aspects of small and micro credit business of China Construction Bank H Branch.
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