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Research On Policy Support For Financing Of SMEs In Shanghai

Posted on:2021-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330629488782Subject:Public Administration
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Small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs)have become more and more important in the economic development in China and even in the world,this is true whether it is in promoting innovation and creating jobs,or in raising the size of the economy and improving the quality of development.These characteristics determine their relatively weak ability to survive in the market competition by the large number,small scale and strong professionalism.In the start-up stage of SMEs,one of the biggest difficulties is financing difficulties.Difficult and expensive financing has become one of the core factors hindering the development of SMEs.As the pacesetter of national economic development,Shanghai has promulgated a series of targeted support policies to improve the operating environment of SMEs and boost their growth and development.According to data verification and analysis,although these policies have achieved certain results,it is necessary to conduct in-depth analysis and research on whether the effectiveness of the policies meets the expectations of the framers.In this paper,the Shanghai municipal government support for small and mediumsized enterprise financing difficult policy as the research object,writing literature review and quantitative analysis of statistical data,and enterprise managers and government workers,individual interview,using the method of combining theoretical research and applied research,the general situation of SMEs in Shanghai,financing environment,financing present situation,policy support of government,policy effect research and analysis.According to the research,the financing status of SMEs in Shanghai still has four problems: high credit risk,lack of credit resources,lack of financing guarantee,lack of legal system.This paper then analyzes the government to solve the above four problems,launched eight core policies.Based on the analysis of the policy implementation,it is found that the form of special fund is larger than the reality,the risk compensation is difficult to be popularized,the scope of financing guarantee is narrow,and the imperfect legal system affects the implementation of the policy.Through the analysis of the causes of the problems from the three aspects of SMEs,Banks and the social regulatory environment,a series of Suggestions and schemes for the local government to promote the financing policies of SMEs are summarized and deduced,which can provide reference for the continuous optimization of the financing difficulties of SMEs in Shanghai.
Keywords/Search Tags:SMEs, financing difficult, government policy
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